Help with Wall Ovens 27 in vs 30 in

KiraMonster0423August 23, 2013

We are trying to replace our double wall ovens and and are not interested in having to replace the cabinets that are around them. I do not know if we can fit a 30 in wall oven (on the phone right now with our cabinet measurements to determine if one can). If we can fit a 30 inch oven, what I really would like is the electrolux Icon single wall oven.

Currently in the kitchen is an all gas, 36 in Wolf range, purchased before they switched to all sealed burners. If we have to go with a 27in wall oven, what brand would you all recommend?

Thank you!

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I just confirmed that we do not have the space for a 30 in oven where the previous ovens are. So, what oven would you recommend? Is the Electrox non icon line worth looking into?

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We have a 27" Elux wave-touch non-Icon wall oven which has been flawless in the 1.5 years we've had it. I would recommend it without hesitation. We don't use the self-clean option which some have found to be problematic for the electronic boards.


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Thank you for your input, the 27 in Electrolux wave touch is now a contender. We'd like to also get a steam oven (you may have noticed from my other posts). And I am torn about what brand. We really liked how much more steam the thermador steam convection oven has over the miele.

For wall ovens, I want a rotisserie and gliding racks, and the elctrolux doesn't have the rotisserie. The miele has both, but we'd love knobs instead of a touch panel. And the 30 in thermador has both, but we need a 27 inch oven and know nothing about how good the thermador cooks (I wasn't even considering that brand since the last time I did research into all of this was 7 years ago and A LOT has changed since then).

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