Word 2007 problem

jannaz_gwMay 16, 2014

I bought a new copy of Word 2007--I'm sure it's legit--to go on my refurbished laptop running Win 7. (It's a dell Latitude E6410).
The thesarus and proofing tools didn't install.

Having looked through the various suggestions at Microsoft help, I'm thinking it might be easiest to try re-installing. My question is, what will happen to my Word documents when I uninstall Word? I have them save on a flash drive, but would still like to know....


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The short answer is...nothing should happen to your Word documents when you uninstall Word. They should still be there when you reinstall Word or another word processor capable of reading/writing Word .doc files. Even if you do nothing other than an uninstall of Word, they should still be usable if you open them with Wordpad...though you will have fewer tools with which to modify them than you have with Word.

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ok, thanks. That's good to know.


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