I'd love a critique of the new bathroom layout

swfrSeptember 28, 2012

The project is to turn our current tiny bathroom next to two children's bedrooms (which are too large) into two moderate-sized bathrooms. So that when I have a teenage boy and girl they won't have to share.

Will all of you with wisdom and advice please look over this floor plan and see what you think?

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I don't know what the original floor plan was like, but one of the more difficult or expensive things to relocate is a proper DWV for the toilets. If you can keep the existing toilet close to its current location and have the new second toilet in the same locale so they can share the existing stack, that could be a significant financial factor in your favor.

If you know which way your floor joists run, the new toilet could be moved away from the original, but if you can keep it aligned so the horizontal run from the new toilet can be in a single joist bay (directly east-west or directly north-south from each other) and then join up with the old waste stack, that'll help too.

Those are simple guidelines. There is no hard and fast rule that you need to adhere to them. Just a way to economize and minimize changes to the framing of the floor.

I try to "isolate" the toilet stack(s) on an interior wall if possible. Right now you have one on an exterior wall. A large 4" diameter stack in an exterior wall could result in a loss of insulation on that wall. The other toilet is on the stairwell wall. If you simply use PVC for that waste stack, you could get "toilet noises" reverberating through that wall whenever the toilet is flushed. Or use cast iron for the verticals for sound deadening.

As to the specific layouts, I think they are both okay as is. The pink bathroom, I'd reverse the swing of the entry door so it opens into the bathroom. Some folk are bothered by the toilet being the right in the line of sight when you open a bathroom door, but hey...it's a bathroom.

If the blue bathroom is the teenage boy bath and the pink is for the girl, I'd probably reverse the two and have the tub in the girl bath and the shower in the boy bath.

Here's a very rough idea of backing up the toilets on a common wet wall, as well as backing up the tub and shower on a common wall. the linen closet was moved and enlarged. Not perfect by any means. With my revised drawing I'd still consider altering the blue entry door and the pink shower door. But it's just a quick shuffle.

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3 and a half feet is much too narrow for a functional walk-in closet--especially one 8 feet deep. the clothes will take up 24" of hanging space. Your son will have to shuffle sideways to get to the back of his closet.

You'd be better off to take Mongo's revision and put in an angled corner on the bathroom and mirror that on the hall corner so that you end up with a squarer trapezoid closet for the son. Then, don't make that closet so deep--or give that space to another purpose.

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I can't see mongo's drawing but I'd move the 'blue' door also. make it across from his bdrm door.

and tub/shower combo for girl - straight shower for boy bath.

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