My master bath in the treetops, finally! Pics

OlychickSeptember 22, 2010

A year ago I started a major remodel on master bath. It is pretty much complete except for towel bars/tp holder and knobs on the cabinet above toilet - oh, and the innards of some hidden jewelry cases in the vanity. Originally a 3/4 bath with no tub, 6x6 with no window and sloping ceiling,and a 29" fiberglass shower (you couldn't even bend over to pick up the soap if you dropped it). We expanded into an unfinished bedroom/storage area, changed the direction the roof was pitched and created a space for a large walk in closet/dressing area in the back of the bathroom. I am really happy with how it turned out. Here are a few pics and a link to the rest. Thanks for all the help and ideas and information I received here.

this is the area for the closet and dressing area still to be built.

Here is a link that might be useful: Treetop master bath

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What a wonderful light-filled space! It's just beautiful. My favorite thing in the room? That built-in towel cubby in the tub! I know, it's the little things, right?

Beautiful light fixtures too. You must be so pleased with how it turned out!

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collins design

Beuatiful! I love how the natural finishes and details echo the view.

But I have to ask: what's up with the tub spout in the shower?!? There must be a great reason but I am wracking my brain to think of what it is. Please tell us!

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I am usually not a huge fan of decorative feature tile but the leaf tile is really great in this context with that view of that canopy of trees.

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Lovely! Would you mind sharing some details? Are the cabinets cherry? Custom? And what is that beautiful light fixture with the viney pattern?
Oh and what is the big tile in the shower? .... Enquiring minds.....!

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I love how this is pretty and unique. Your border tile is awesome and the light fixtures are perfect for your room! I also love love love the door. The way the shapes coordinate with your tile is fab ;)

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Absolutely the edging on the counter. Great use of materials.

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Thank you all for telling me you like it. I was apprehensive about posting pics here because it is so different from what seems to be in "favor" these days. But subway, marble, etc. just doesn't fit my house. I live in the NW in the woods (as you can see) in an early 1980's home designed and built for her senior project by an Evergreen State College student as an "allergy free" house (green before it was fashionable)with lots of natural wood. I call it a NW contemporary. So trying to update it without clashing with the rest of the home was my goal. But I know it's not to everyone's taste, for sure.

Sailorgirl, I love the niche, too. It's tiled with the "sparkly" tile so I kind of hate to cover it up. My big burly gc suggested I put something pretty down there like a sculpture - he actually suggested a mermaid sculpture. I might have to look for one just because it was so funny.

Stacey, the tub spout is ??? I don't know, I saw it done somewhere and thought it would be perfect for ??? Washing your tootsies if you don't want to take a shower. or filling a mop bucket...since the sink is pretty useless for anything but face washing and toothbrushing.

Palimpsest, I really fell in love with the trim and felt it did kind of pull in the outside. Then I found the triptych and that cinched it for me. I was worried I was overdoing it but my tile guy kept assuring me it would be okay. I appreciate the affirmation.

GBsim - The cabinets are clear vertical grain fir (a real NW wood) custom made with all my little "desires". If you didn't check the details on the link, please do. I also know the viney light fixture is a Hubbardton Forge fluorescent fixture. I have to look up the rest of the stuff and will post tomorrow.

Dianalo, thanks. I love it, too! The door was the last thing to go in and I almost swooned when I saw it installed.

Vampiress, I'm glad you like it.

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STUNNING! Of course, I may be biased as this is also my style. What type of wood did you use for the flooring?


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Thank you Kathi. The floor is site finished red oak to match the rest of the house. No one (gc, tile setter, floor guys) wanted me to put wood in there, but I just had to. It has 3 coats of Swedish finish, there is a great fan system to keep the humidity down and I'm the only one using it (no kids splashing nor boys using the toilet) so I think it will be fine. Figured if there is ever a leak it would have ruined any floor up there, so might as well have what I love. And I do!

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Beautiful. Gorgeous.

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Thank you Lyvia. I love it. And thanks, too, sailorgirl for taking on the spammer. I went to their site and tried to find contact info to send an email telling them to stop, but they are quite tight with THEIR contact info.

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gbsim, I finally located a receipt for the large tile in the shower: it is Thompson Tile and Stone/Olympia Tile, Cashmere series Porcelain 13x13, in Ivory. It coordinates pretty well with the limestone counters. I just wanted a carefree upkeep shower so went with porcelain so I can easily keep any mold issues at bay. I have well water, it's very soft but very "alive" and grows algae and mold easily. And it tastes delicious!

I'm working on a materials list to post soon, in case others might be interested in any of the other elements.

Here is a link that might be useful: shower tile

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Nice job. It's very organic and not trendy. It will be in style for years to come.

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Love it! It's so unique & personal. It's so great to see someone step outside the predictable, safe choices. I agree with others, the leafy tile trim is so perfect in your bath. How nice that you didn't do the expected tried & true pattern-less neutral there.

While you didn't do the tried & true, everything in the room is quite tasteful. Nothing is *too* unique! It's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't appreciate having a bathroom like that. You took (calculated) risks & they paid off. Very special! Enjoy!

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Thanks Oly! I'll file that away and be sure to look at that line when we get to the tile picking stage for the new build.
When we renovated our mbath it was hard to find a nice neutral porcelain that didn't have a crazy pattern. I finally found one but it isn't distributed in the area of the new house. I haven't gone quite overboard enough to move shower tile with me 1,000 miles!
When you get time I'm one of the ones that would love to see a complete list of your choices.
Again, love the calming space.... sadie709 hit it on the head with "organic"!

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Thank you both for your nice words, Stinky Gardener and Sadie. I have eclectic taste so I'm happy others think it's not too over the top.

Here is an extensive materials list, should anyone want it:

Paint: C 2 lovo; wall color Dewdrop/ceiling 25% strength
Jetted tub: Sanijet
Sink: GleenGlass -recycled glass "Dandelion" in copper
Vanity and tub surround and half round trim: Sea grass limestone tile
"Sparkly" mosaic tile trim: FAP Ceramiche Velvet line, color Beige Mosaico w/matching corner edge trim
Shower tile: Thompson Tile and Stone/Olympia Tile, Cashmere series Porcelain 13x13, in Ivory
Flower/leaf listello: Panaria Ceramica Bloom Warm
Windows: Kolbe and Kolbe Douglas Fir w/wood framed screens
Ceiling light in bath area: Hubbardton Forge fluorescent
Ceiling light (mica)dressing area: Sue Johnson Lamps - San Francisco
Sconces: Barbara Barry BBL2021BZ-WG Bronze (couldn't find a "line" name).
Sink and Tub faucets: Moen Showhouse "Fina"
Shower handheld and innards: Hansgrohe; Rainhead Grohe
Floors: site finished red oak with Swedish finish
Cabinets: CVG Douglas Fir, custom made
Pocket door: Simpson,Douglas Fir with "Large Leaf" decorative glass option.
Raku Triptych: Dave and Boni Deal - "Deal Raku"

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Hey Oly! I'm in Olympia too! My contractors are banging away on the new masterbath addition to the house as I type. I needed to look at finished bathoom windows over/near tubs today to get my GC an answer about the window and I see your post! That looks fabulous! Very NW!

Your tile is zen gorgeous. Who did the tiling? Did you have a GC?

Congratulations on a great space!

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Oly, would you mind sharing the dimensions of your tub? Is it considered a Japanese soaking tub? It looks so petite from the picture. Do you know if it is available without the jets? Thanks.

Just love looking at your pictures. Your friends IRL must stop over to gawk at your bathroom all hours of the night & day! Knock, knock, "We've come to look at your beautiful bathroom again!" Olychick says, "No one's home!" as she soaks in her tub & gazes into the trees. Ahhhhh!

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That's funny Stinkygardener! I actually kept everyone out of there until it was completed; now I'm planning a bathroom warming complete with champagne-on-ice filled tub! Waiting for the chaise to get back from the upholsterer, tho.

the tub isn't too huge, but it is a Sanijet and I think they only make jetted. I loved the idea because they don't have water piped around; each of the jets is independently motorized and can be serviced by pulling out through the tub. (No accesss door needed) There is no standing water to mold and the non-motorized parts of the jets can actually be put through the dishwasher to clean.

They do have a jetted soaking tub, see model 710, which was my first choice, but then decided I was too old and too fat to hoist myself out of it!

Here is a link that might be useful: my sanijet model

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Hey small world. Where in Oly? I'm near TESC. I LOVED my tile guy, loved, loved loved him. He figured out quickly that I was going to be really fussy, and when I was, he would change, adjust, figure out, whatever I wanted. Did I say I loved him. Yes I had a gc, who I also love. He did most of the construction and is a perfectionist, so we got along great
Here's my pvt email if you want more

Here is a link that might be useful: My tile guy

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Love it (times infinity.) We have a similar view but when the trees shed their leaves, window treatments are going to be very necessary!

Wish we had pines!

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Beautiful bathroom. I too have unusual design tastes. Earlier this month I posted pictures of our new Mediterranean bathroom which features a carpet design of patterned tile with a solid border. My daughter lives on Steamboat Island in Olympia.

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Thank you justjulie; yes there is a nice mix of fir trees that keep their needles and hardwoods that lose their leaves. The roof is never clean.

Kinshasa, I remember seeing your bath. I love that kind of tile and you did such a great job with the "carpet" and murals. Love the blues and the birds. Steamboat Island is just across the water from me.

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Thanks! I'm on the Westside near 101. I'll e-mail you for your GC and tile guy. I'm a perfectionist also or, as DH says, I'm picky. I need someone working on the house who won't mind my perfectionism! ;)

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Would you take another question? I don't see your shower door. Do you have a frameless door? I'm trying to imagine the whole scenario. Thanks.

Btw, I love your chair & the fabric you selected. Please post pics when it's done!

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Wow it's just great! Looks like you have tons of space and like others I love the details like that yummy sink, towel cubby, and of course the incredible view.

It's funny about not being someone else's taste -- I see so many bathrooms and kitchens on GW that I wouldn't have thought were my style, but I love them! (And they're all over the place in terms of styles - from formal to mod to rustic... but I like them all.) That's part of the fun of GW for me, seeing things I wouldn't have thought of but really appreciate once I do see them.

PS - I love the history/origin of your house too. That's neat.

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stinky-gardener, I don't have glass yet. I'm using a shower curtain on a tension rod, which I took down for the pics, to show the whole shower. I don't really mind it actually, it adds some softness to the room (I have a colorful, coordinating pattern with a plain liner). My bank acct has to do some recovery before I shop for glass. Still have to configure a closet, too. That's the sound of money burning.

I'll be back here asking for help with the doors. I might do french doors because the opening is too big for a single glass door except with a panel and the way I'd want it configured, (with the handle on the right) I'd want the hinge on the panel, which some say is a no, no. I don't want the panel on the same side as the controls, so I can reach in to turn the shower on and don't want to have to reach around it. French doors could attach to the tile on both sides (I think) but I can't figure out if the door will swing away well enough to reach the controls without a hassle. Why don't they make remotes for things like this instead of some of the silly things they make them for? !!

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Chicagoans, I guess we were posting at the same time; I just saw your comments. I agree about liking so many different styles posted here. I can tell I'm getting old tho' because so often I'm thinking "I would NEVER try to keep that clean" or, "OMG, just think of the dust that will collect there." By the end of this project, my contractor would just say, "I know, I know, you don't want to have to keep THAT clean."

Anyway, glad it's another one you like!

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Love that leafy trim tile! And the mirror and the light fixtures -all of them- and the frosted glass door and I like that space for towels. I won't steal the towel space tho because I'm at the age where I look to see what else I can do while I'm bent over tying my shoes. That towel cubby would kill me!
MY carpenter parroted, I did it like this so you wouldn't have to dust. Good man!

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Pinchme, thanks! You crack me up! I am all about easy to keep clean, too. I figure the towels will keep the cubby space clean, taking out the clean ones to use and replacing them with others...kind of automatic dusting. I love Swedish finish on the floors. NOTHING sticks to easy to just dust mop and vacuum once in a while.

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I left a comment on the gallery side but it seemed to go off into the Ether. Thanks for posting the pics of your lovely bath. It is one that I used for inspiration when deciding to go a bit unique in my own bathroom. Great job!


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Thanks, Michelle. Can't wait to see what you do with your bath. Be sure to post pics.

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Late to this, but what a beautiful space! I *knew* it had to be out here in the PNW (I'm in OR). And such a unique, cool story to your house. And re the bath: you had me hooked in the first pic, with the glass treatment echoing the tile...WOW. That in itself--you must have issued a happy squeal when you found that glass film! If you're ever inclined, would you please post a closeup of the accent tile? I love it. Like palimpsest, I don't usually love accent lines of tile (unless I've made them myself :)). Where did you find it?

Congratulations on a calm yet interesting, modern yet not severe new bath area. The CVG fir should get richer and richer in tone as time goes by, which will make it look even more like a classic PNW Contemporary :)

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This is hands-down my favorite bathroom ever. I love that it is so functional and practical but that it's still so exquisitely BEAUTIFUL! I might have to copy that leafy tile.

I wish I had room for an appliance garage in my bathroom. That was a brilliant idea.

If this was my bathroom I might never leave it!

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Oly, would you mind posting another picture of your SaniJet tub? I'm thinking that I'll be using one in our new build. Will probably go with the oval but am leaning toward the one that has a shorter rim. Are you still pleased with your choice?

Also how do you like the Kolbe windows? I had never heard of them, but my husband has said that they are one of the top two choices for us to use.

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Jillalameda, gosh, what a wonderful compliment. Thank you! I do love it...making all the choices was agonizing and you just never know how it will all look until it's completed and it's too late to change anything. I do have a window seat planned in the dressing area, so I DON'T ever have to leave it! I just had an antique chaise recovered to put there temporarily, and someone wanted to see a pic, so I will get one posted soon.

Gbsim, here is a different pic of the sanijet. I LOVE IT! There are a couple more on the website...didn't know if you wanted a different shot than what is posted, if so, let me know, but I think it is pretty well covered there. Also, I just wrote about Kolbe on the windows forum so if you go there and search for my name, you'll see my comments about them. I'd never heard much about them until I chose them; they are beautiful and seem to be good quality.

Flyleft, I can't remember where I saw the trim tile...I went to every tile store between Seattle and Portland, I swear. Them my local tile store ordered it for me. I have been trying to get a good close up of it for you, but can't seem to capture the best subtleties of it. I'm going to try again and will post when I do. Oh, and the door design isn't a film, it's actually the glass in the door. I don't know if I squealed, but I sure felt like it when it was installed. It is gorgeous in person.

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the tub spout is a "toe tester", used to be found a lot at fine hotels so you could verify the temp before jumping in.

With today's modern valves, especially the Hansgrohe in the picture, these are now redundant or useless. That valve has a user preset an that valve maintains that temp as long as there is hot water to feed it. So, the main handle only turns the water on and off, temp is set once and forget.

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Great bathroom!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Wow. Lovely room. A total oasis. I bet you just smile every morning. :)

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Thanks for your comments Kelliq and Boopadaboo (yes, a lot of smiling).

And Antss..thank you for the history lesson on the "toe tester." I've never seen it in that context but in a very contemporary shower, on Houzz, I think. I loved it for some reason and it's turned out to be very handy. Mostly I like it because my bath is a long way from the hot water heater and so I turn the spout on to get the water warm while I get ready for a shower. It's great because there is no splashing; I don't have to close the shower curtain like I do with the showerheads on. It also has proved very handy for filling different containers with water. So it's actually not useless at all!

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I just started a powder room remodel yesterday and came across your post....WOW! I was already heading to the cabinet shop to get shaker doors put on my existing vanity...have a glass vessel sink on order.....engineered stone is being cut for the counter top as I write this.....AND was pondering if I should mix finishes.

:0) Still pondering...but love that you have a GREAT new retreat completed! Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job!

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Thank you very much, Nicole. There are so many decisions to make and with no former remodel experience, it was really stressful! But kind of like childbirth...I find I'm forgetting the pain with the delight about the baby...or should that be bathwater? er...something about babies, baths, etc... Anyway, I'm enjoying it now.

Be sure to post pics when you are finished.

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One word to describe ur bathroom, WOW!

I just happened upon ur posting as I am now in the planning stages of our MB remodel and I love ur bathroom.

Had a quick question, was that half wall between ur vanity and tub already there or did u build it? Can u post pictures from what it looks like from the tub side and of one on the side looking directly at tub, wall and vanity?

We have a corner tub and I am thinking of building half walls on each side of the corner tub to protect the vanities from water damage from the tub. Trying to get a "visual" do what this may look like. :-)

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Gosh, thanks stpindell. I took a few more pics; hope I captured what you are looking for. This bath was a complete redo...I put the half wall to kind of balance the one next to the toilet (I dislike a toilet just fully open to a room, even tho' I am the only one using the bathroom). My glass sink cracked and I've replaced it, so it's different in these pics. Let me know if I didn't understand what you wanted to see.

Here is a link with more pics of the wall:

Here is a link that might be useful: my bath updated

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