Is it ok to buy Johnson pocket door hardware from Home Depot?

kaysdSeptember 27, 2012

I have heard that Home Depot has manufacturers of certain products alter the products to lesser quality standards so Home Depot can sell it for a lower price point. Home Depot is the easiest and fastest place for me to get the door hardware, but I don't want a lesser quality product since I am buying Johnson for its great reputation.

Per recommendations received here, I want to buy the 1500 series pocket door frame with the upgrade to 1125 ball bearing hangers. The HD website shows the exact same model number, 152668HD, as the Johnson website, so it is probably ok. The HD description says it includes ball bearing hangers, although the picture shows the standard 1120 hangers.

Here is a link that might be useful: HD kit

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i think you must rely on the description, not on the picture. Because they might mistakenly uploaded a wrong picture there. or use the same picture for all pocket doors.

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as people have mentioned on here previously you may want to talk to your contractor about throwing out the crap wood they use and having him build a better frame and just use the hardware from the kit.

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make sure you understand the limits of putting a pocket door into a 2x4 wall.

You need to make sure you will meet the electrical code.

No junction boxes can be on either side of the wall with the pocket.

There is NOT enough depth for even a 1.25 inch deep metal 4x4 box.

If you go up to a 'wet wall' (2x6) thickness things are MUCH better.
You can mount 4x4 metal boxes 1.25 deep with a plaster ring (you still have to be careful about internal cable clamps and box grounding screws protruding into the door area.

Grooving the bottom of the door and using a small metal tab in the pocket to prevent sway also avoids the plastic guides that WILL eventually scratch the face of the door.

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The wall is already framed. There was 5" between the stud at the end of the pocket and where the wall terminates at the sink wall, so we have room for an outlet and a sconce above on each side of the vanity. We passed the rough electrical inspection this morning. The GC put in blocking for my hand towel bars.

I don't think the GC is thrilled at my suggestions since he has built a lot more pocket doors than I have. He usually uses Blum pocket door frames and hardware, but will use the Johnson if I really want it. He will charge more if he has to build a frame -- are the Johnson frames that bad?

The thing that is making me nervous is he wants me to order 80 x 30 doors for 80 x 30 openings. I thought there needed to be extra height and width to go into the side pocket and the top. He says he uses 3/8" "door stop" molding on the pocket side and top so you don't see the door edge, but the molding can be removed if the door ever needs to be removed. He said if I go with a larger door, the wall has to be opened if the door ever needs to be removed.

I'll ask about grooving the bottom of the door instead of using the plastic guides. Are there any instructions or pictures I can show him for that technique?

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The only Blum parts I have ever seen are for cabinets (AKA'flipper doors') not full size doors between rooms.

"80 x 30 doors for 80 x 30 openings"

That does NOT sound correct.
Cabinet doors are not the same as room doors.

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Home Depot carries the Johnson 1500 Series Pocket Door Frame with the standard 1120 Hanger in the stores, the online store has the 1500 Series Pocket Door Frame with the 1125 Ball Bearing Hanger.

The rough opening for the 1500 Series frame is 2x the door width +1" and door height plus 4 1/2"

There is a video on the Johnson web site showing how to install the 1500 Series Frame .

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Johnson Hardware does not provide a lower quality frame to Home Depot, so no need to worry about that. As for door size, the doors can be standard sizes. No need to make it bigger. As your GC mentioned, they will use casing to keep from having gaps in the opening.

As for the wood, it is spruce/pine/fir 3 or better.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call them at 800-837-5664. Someone there will be more than happy to help you.

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