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ripleys_mumAugust 13, 2012

I have an older house with granite counters and a old & dead dishwasher. No worries, I thought; just buy a new one. Unfortunately my counter height does not accomodate almost every dishwasher sold. Miele is the one company with a dishwasher that might fit.

If I look at Miele's spec sheets and compare them to the installation instructions the minimum cutout y values are different. The installation instructions list two values for the minimum height from floor to counter top in Box 1 and Box 1a. One value is in bold font, the other value is in a grey font and the lower left corner of each box is labeled *XXL in the grey font. (Link below)

I have searched the web and can only find the XXL designation for dishwashers sold in the UK or Australia. Miele, through 2 different represetatives, gave me 2 different answers. I phoned 2 Miele dealers locally and received 2 different answers from them also.

Why should this matter? Well, the floor tile to the edge of the granite measures 34 12/16". If the bold numbers are the cutout y values, no worries. If the grey numbers are the actual cutout y values then the granite edge is 1/16" too low. The old dishwasher looks like the previous owner removed the dishwasher's "feet" (sitting on the slab) and the tile to install the dishwasher.

Does anyone know the answer; is the minimum height 32 1/6" or 33 11/16"? Why would Miele even list 2 values? I would like to think one set is for the overseas people, but the units are not metric. My only other thought is that the bold values are for the ADA compliant dishwashers, but then why the *XXL designation.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help/facts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Installation Instruction

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Traditionally, European counters were two inches lower than US ones. When kitchen manufacturers stared raising them, to make kitchens more ergonomically, taller dishwasher came along to use the extra space. We call these models XXL dishwashers as they are taller than the average European dishwasher.

I suppose most European manufacturers offer shorter units. Bosch calls them ADA compliant or Special Application, ASKO should have them as well. With Miele it seems a little complicated. Previously, G1000 represented standard-tub models and G2000 XXL-tub. With the new G5000 and G4000 models... I don't know. The 33 11/16 should apply to Miele's US dishwashers.

This is the required cutout size (HxWxD) for an ADA Bosch: 32 1/16 x 24 x 24 inches.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Special Application

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If you have 34-12/16" from the floor to the bottom of the counter, it seems that you have 1-1/16" more than the minimum required. Or maybe I'm reading your post wrong.

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Many thanks whirpool_trainee. The current dw is a Bosch, +8yro and we've repaired it twice at considerable expense along with the "fix" for the panel associated with perhaps a "fire" (no charge by Bosch for the recall). We've spent more on the dw than it is worth. Our kitchen is open to the den and the noise interferes with conversation, tv, music etc... hence the search for something quiet. Your info on the XXL helps! Miele really needs to fix this installation page; it's the same for all models and inconsistent with their specs.
The ADA model has a 6" kickplate and I'm told loses about 2" inside, also it is only average on Miele scale of "noise".

attofarad; we think alike :-D I really want your interpretation and my interpretation to be correct!

I talked to Miele again today; they are very nice and patient with my questions. The rep asked a technical person who said the dw will fit and if it does not they will take it back. They also told me the dw cannot be installed without the feet since the cord exits the unit from the bottom and there is some kind of "drip pan" too.

My plan is to have the old dw removed and measure then measure again before ordering. Miele is pretty pricey, but it if lasts for 20 yrs then it's a good deal.

Truely, I appreciate the responses from whirlpool_trainee and attofarad.

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Yes, the Euro/UK XXL height = standard height in US;
Euro/UK XL height - XL height in US, marketed as "ADA Height" here. Difference is about 2" shorter.

Don't have dimensions in my print brochure here, but compare the PDF installation guide for the G 4270 SCVi Classic & G 4275 SCVi Classic; or the 5570 SCVi Dimension & G 5575 SCVi Dimension series dishwashers.

The first and third of those are the shorter ADA size, the second and fourth are the standard, taller XXL size.

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If possible measure the Miele model you are interested in at the showroom. Check with the stores installer to see how low it can go. You may have to spend a little time. It is worth it.

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Many thanks to all of you for your advice. Just an update with some good news. The dishwasher did fit, however the specs indicated it would not. Miele and Ferguson were so very helpful and assured me I could return the dishwasher if it did not fit.
I love, love, love this dishwasher. Please appliance gods let it work for a long time :-D

As a side note, we also discovered our counter depth frig is 24" deep and all but the Dacor cd frigs are 26-27". We had a contractor bump the wall back as far as possible (2" was the most he could move it with the plumbing); anticipating our 15 yro frig would die soon too.

cheers y'all

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