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susie_queMarch 10, 2011

I went through an ordeal that really rocked my life.

I had a mild screw up at work and was placed on suspension with intent to terminate...I really do not want to re-live the details-it was not pretty LOL.

While waiting for the company to make up its mind about me, I began an intensive job search filling out dozens of on line apps and pressing the flesh in an effort to subsidize my finances.

The job search went on a few days and I made a promise to take the first offer I got.

So on Thur afternnon I filled out my last on line employment app....if you've applied for any job on line they put you though a skills assessment...a test so to speak. I did this last one at about 5 pm and I felt I bombed it!! I rushed through it ect...

I was feeling a little sorry for myself with my old job hanging on a thread, making TONS of phone calls and not hearing anything from those who said they would call....I was pretty low.

So imagine my surprize when at about 3 pm the next day....Friday afternoon the phone rings. The caller ID says the name of the company whose on line app I totally slopped up the day before!!


Monday I had an interview, Tuesday I went for my drug screen and Friday I started work.

It was the first offer and I stayed true to my promise and took it without question, ok thats a lie, I did in fact question it because of who it was!

In the 2-3 weeks that followed I got so many more job offers!! It seemed like every day I was getting calls!

There was one place Wegmans, that I applied for way back in October...well before this mess started. I re-applied and got called for a phone interveiw....never heard back8-(

So I plugged along at this new job. I was now working in a job I have never done before with a company I would have never assumed would be so "good to work for", and I was LOVING IT!!!

I mean serously...its been so much fun!! The pay, well its not at all what I was making but when you factor the short commute, bridge tolls, Philly city wage tax and union dues, it was only $3 less in the long run.

Plus at my old job we were only allowed to work the max 20 hours...never a minute more!

The people I work with are true gems! I have very easily made great friends with everyone from the cleaners to the upper managment, even plan to begin socializing outside of work with a few I have made a real connection with.

I just got my 3 month evaluation and I exceed in all areas beyond expectations and so while they cannot offer raises at 3 months, I have been asked if I'd be intersted in full time or in moving into a supervisory position!!

Hell YES!!

So it just goes to show you that no matter what happens to you in life, opportunity sometimes can creep up on ya and if you are wise enough to jump on it, good things might just happen!!

On a side note, my company did in fact terminate me. I spoke to a lawyer because my union rep was doing nothing to help me, the lawyer has filed papers with the company and as of today they are reviewing my case to change my termination status to a resignation.



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Oh my gosh! squeeling with delight. Wonderful Susie. I am ecstatic for you!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow, what a great message to those who think the deck is stacked against them. You go girl!

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I am so happy that everything worked out so well. I do think that keeping a positive attitude makes a huge difference, and you sure did that.

Ha ha -- I think your former employer may be going bankrupt anyway. You got out of there in the nick of time.

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Fantastic!! You obviously have a lot going for you to have generated that much interest.

I'm so glad it worked out for you.


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Its true. Acme is in bad shape! Both Drew and Amy still work there...yikes!

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You just go girl!!! Goes to show you if you stay true to your word hings always work out!

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How gratifying for you. So often, things do have a way of working out for the best.

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Good for you, Susie! You deserve all the blessings that are coming from from this new job. And as for your previous employer, they may yet be on the receiving end of some bad karma.


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Susie, although at the time I had steam coming out of my ears over your treatment...it brought back some bad memories from years ago after working for a company 15 years a new employee made some false claims and although I wasn't terminated my life was hell until I could transer to another department and ultimately quit to move into another occupation.

It just goes to show that having a great attitude and not letting yourself get too down and plowing forward good things can come about and in the end be a true blessing. That doesn't dismiss how they treated you but you are the winner in the end and that is all that matters.


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Congrats Susie! I know it has been a bumpy ride for you and I am so glad to hear things have worked out well for you.

All the best to you and the family moving forward....


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Thanks everyone....its been quite a year!!
Mom passed away in June but she SO wanted to see me get out of Acme so I feel it was her hand guiding me.
Now I see her hand guiding Chris (who BTW...has entered treatment!!)
Basically my probation period is over!! YAY!!

I really like this job....I used to dred working at ACME. The clientel was getting so crazy!!
I actually had this uhm, person give me such a hard time that she treatened to bash my head in and told everyone she was going to wait for me after work and kill me...true story and this all went down in front of my son who was off and hour before I was. Yea I called the cops but she did in fact leave before the cops got there.

I have dozens of similar stories from my time at customer service!!


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Looks like things are finally turning around for you, Susie! I am so glad to hear it, too!

Not much worse than being unhappy in your job.

"Everything happens for a reason...."


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Glad to hear things are going so well!
Linda C

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Aw, Susie, I'm so glad you're loving your new job, and I'm really glad they're recognizing your good work. Way to go girl! Yeah, Acme sucks. Since they treated you so bad I've had a hard time using them. We go to our local IGA most of the time now. Plbbbbttttttt Acme.

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Glad everything works out. What Linda said - 'everything happens for a reason' - add to that 'change is good'!

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I would be inclined to send a letter to the previous employer thanking them for the situation as it lead to you securing a great job in a friendly environment.

---but that's just me!

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Just a quick update...folks on FB already know. I was switched to another department...a more appropriate department where the current supervisor is moving into management. She picked me to fill her shoes.

Technically I cannot move out of my current position until I am there 6 months, however the big boss approved the switch.

So yesterday I went in thinking I was working at one job, but found out about the switch and started doing the happy dance!!
I really didn't learn anything yesterday...its hard on a Sunday. So I just spent my shift getting familiar with the products and co workers.

As a supervisor I will get a raise and I will be full time!!

On a side note...my dear sweet Hubster works for a different supermarket (PathMark/Superfresh) and the company is not doing well...even worse off than acme. So he applied at my company and was just hired at another location!!!! He should be getting his orientation this week!!

It'll ne nice to have a partner do the happy dance with!!


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So Happy for you Susie! I love that it's all working out the way it ''should'' and you've been able to move into a better position. Congratulations on your new attitude and life changes!

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Frank starts on Wed!!

I am actually off on Wed so maybe I'll pop in on the orientation...you know, bring him lunch!

He can retire from the p/o in 9-10 yrs and was planning on keeping the pt job for added income upon retirement. Sadly he had to face the possibilty that his Pathmark/superfresh job was prob going to end before that time.


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Good news Susie. Glad things are turning around!

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