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elk2000September 13, 2012

So for our new shower we've decided to have hand-held shower head (on a bar) and a rain shower head, either from the ceiling or from wall on a long straight shower arm. I do like Grohe and Hansgrohe staff and most likely will get one of theirs for hand-held shower. Now, for the rain shower. Grohe / Hansgrohe rain shower heads are nice but quite expensive. Is it worth it? I think we want no smaller that 10", may be 12".

What do I look for choosing one? Is having brand name rain shower important? Number of nozzles? Pressure?

Please, assist.

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I'm looking at the Hansgrohe Raindance Showerpipe 240 with exposed valves. It has a 10" rainhead and handheld. I'm also considering the 180 showerpipe with a 7" head. Don't know if the larger rainhead is worth an extra $200. I haven't used these - does anyone have one?

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Hansgrohe Raindance Showerpipe is a very nice unit but we plan to install rainshower and hand-held shower in different places.
How do we check if water pressure is reasonable? What is good water flow?

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I have the Hansgrohe Raindance too, 10". It is great, no complaints at all. I find the pressure strong enough for rinsing hair, etc., but we also have a hand held. Hansgrohe is quite highly recommended here on the forum (which is why I got it). Some people prefer the 12" rain shower head, I would probably go to 12 if I had the chance, although the 10" is fine. I wouldn't want smaller than 10" I don't think.

I think there are a few older posts on Hansgrohe and rain shower heads if you search on google.

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I have the Hansgrohe Raindance with the 10" rain shower head. I saw the 12 inch in a showroom and we felt like it would be too large for our space so we opted for the smaller one. Very happy with our selection. Here's how it looks installed

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I also am planning a set up similar to yours, and wondered if several hundred dollars was worth paying, just for the shower head itself. I didn't want to compromise on my design, but I also didn't want to spend that kind of money. So, I went to e-bay. I found a 12 inch, $900 Rohl shower head that I was able to get for $120. It's new, it's gorgeous, and the price can't be beat. I don't yet have it installed, so I can't tell you how it feels, but I have an 8 inch one in the other bathroom and I love it!

I say, if that's what you want, then go for it! However, get creative so you don't end up spending so much. Find the one you want and put a search out on e-bay. When it shows up there, you'll get an email, and you'll save some money!

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Can't agree more with Ebay comment :-)
Found recently Dornbracht faucet, brand new, list price $1100 for $325! Gorgeous!

We have 10" shower head in the basement, it's built-in in the shower enclosure, and it feels a little small. I think 12-14" is better. I also think the diameter will depend on how small or big you are. To me the prefect size is when water covers you from shoulder to shoulder.

There is very nice Hansgrohe rainshower that has 2 options: rain shower and waterfall. Very nice but quite expensive.

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We put in Hansgrohe raindance 360 in the master. It is 14x7.5. Haven't really taken a shower under it yet since we are still waiting for the glass shower door to go in but water pressure seems just fine to me. We also have a raindance handshower next to it for more water pressure or cleaning the shower.

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