F&P DishDrawer question; DADoES?

dgsgAugust 25, 2012

Anyone have a link to information as to what the different cycles on a F&P Dish Drawer do such as time, water used, water temperature etc.?

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Cycle sequences and temps depend on the model machine involved and the target sales market (US/Canada, NZ/Aus, European, Orient), and the details may vary a little throughout the production of a given series (control board revisions). The best reference is via the specific user guide packed with a given machine. F&P has some user guides online but not for all older models. I have a few "historical" user guides and service docs.

Citing my US-market DD603 bought 8 years ago:

Heavy 132 mins -- prewash, rinse, rinse, main wash 150F, rinse, rinse, final rinse 163F
Heavy Eco 112 mins -- prewash, rinse, main wash 140F, rinse, rinse, final rinse 150F

Normal 115 mins -- prewash, rinse, main wash 140F, rinse, final rinse 150F
Normal Eco 88 mins -- prewash (or prerinse if no detergent), main wash 125F, rinse, final rinse 125F

Delicate 86 mins -- prewash (or prerinse), main wash 120F, rinse, final rinse 130F
Delicate Eco 72 mins -- prewash (or prerinse), main wash 115F, rinse, final rinse 125F

Fast 56 mins -- prewash (or prerinse) main wash 115F, rinse, final rinse 115F
Fast Eco 38 mins -- main wash 105F, rinse, final rinse 105F

The newest models and some market areas may reduce cycle phases (such as eliminating the prewash/prerinse and starting directly with the main wash) and increase time to compensate.

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