electrical panel in basement bedroom?

ellie11July 23, 2012

As we were walking through our new home that is currently under construction we noticed that the electrical panel is located in the spare bedroom in the basement. What sort of issues does this cause? Will we have any issues with homeowners insurance? There is a large unfinished storage/mechanical area in the basement so I don't know why they decided to locate the panel where they did...

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Can they move it?

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As long as it remains accessible, as in no furniture is placed under it or no cabinet over it, it will be fine. That is, as long as the bedroom itself meets other requirements for use as an actual bedroom, including egress windows.

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The main disconnect and the meter must be very near each other, by law (electrical code) . Some jurisdictions limit the distance to the disconnect to a maximum of 5 feet after the service entrance conductors enter the building. Putting the meter and the interior main panel back-to-back is the lowest cost way to do this. The meter location may also be a concern for you so as to have the least visibility from the places the public sees.
A disconnect on the outside near the meter or a combination enclosure permits more flexibility for the inside panel location(s), but at higher cost.
The sooner you discuss this with your contractors, the better.

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