nanwall versus an anderson or marvin bi-fold door

housebuilder14July 31, 2014

So nanawall seems out of our price range. I see on both anderson and marvin's website that they sell bi-fold patio doors that (at least to me) look similar to a nanawall.
are they cheaper? are they different?


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Same basic door, same price range from my experience.

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Yes, we choose the Anderson 16ft sliding doors due to the price difference. $5k vs $15k. It was a no brainer for us.

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That sounds incredibly cheap for one of those types of doors. Has it been installed and in use? Would love to hear much more about yours and others feedback on quality!

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Brian, that is a 16' SLIDING patio door not a Nana type wall (folding door). An off the wall non thermally broken commercial type aluminum folding door is 12-13k, and I am not aware of anything less than that.

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Did you get a formal quote from NanaWall? Since the doors are custom-made, I would recommend talking to the local representative to best optimize cost.

Unlike the Anderson and Marvin products, the NanaWall doors are designed, engineered and manufactured as a single-source product (each and every component is specifically designed to work together), which makes the doors weather resistant, durable and easy to use.

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Aisha, how and where did you come up with that info? Oh, I know let me guess you sell Nanawall?

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We stayed in an ocean-front condo with a "folding glass wall" -- I don't know the name brand -- and it was really, really cool. In our case, the door opened out onto a small screened patio, and we had thunderstorms almost every late afternoon/evening (typical Florida weather). We LOVED opening the doors and watching the storms.

However, as much as we liked them in that situation, I can't say I'd build them at home. They'd work best in a situation like the one I described -- with a screen porch -- because none of us want to open our whole house up to bugs. And then when you close the doors, the air conditioner will have to work extra-hard to bring the house back to a comfortable temperature. That's not so bad in a small condo, but a whole house?

Loved it.
Would love to stay in that same spot again.
Wouldn't build it.

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