Automatic Startup Program Changed as in Gone

mxyplxMay 15, 2014

I had a virus PUP (conduit) again, and in removing it got the mssgs shown. Well google didn't seem to resolve my questions. Maybe I couldn't figure correct search terms.

Are these necesasary or can I get by w/o em? I get the impression they should be in place. There was another not shown I think was Igfxtray.exe which evidently is not critical.

It seems I must reinstall windows or do a repair off the install disk. For some reason that seems a bit much. Might I then have to redo all the updates?

Can I restore to a point a few days ago and get em back? That also seems a bit much since I just updated several programs and am not sure what the restore would leave me. Presumably all that updating would have to be done again? Not impossible but a PIA.

Do I really need those programs?
What happens if I leave them gone?
Which of the above is my best easiest way to get em back.
Is there another method to get em restored?

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See if this image is clearer. Had trouble getting them into a form to post.

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I think I might use System File Checker (SFC) in this instance. It will go through the Windows files checking for errors. It is possible you will need the Windows install disk.

About has a nice tutorial rather than me type similar stuff.

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Thanx Owbist

I ran the sfc /scannow from the elevated command prompt and it said, "Window Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

Search coughed up the supposedly missing files. So either sfc put em back or they weren't gone anyway.So it would seem all is again under control. Maybe it was never out? :-)

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Quite possible. Try shutting down completely then start the computer again. If everything starts normally you should consider everything to be in order.

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Hi- I did and it did.

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Good news :~)

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