Please help me find a reasonably priced under counter freezer

ontariomomAugust 5, 2013

Hi everyone,

We are searching for a user friendly, well rated under counter freezer that won't be a pita to use. Ideally we would like pull-out bins so we don't have to sit on the floor to use it LOL.

I realize there are some nice ones out there such as Sub-Zero drawers, but those are too much money for a second freezer. I have also read the less expensive Summit ones are extremely noisy so I don't want that problem either.

Today, I found a Bosch one from the UK (linked below). It looks to be reasonable priced (but not when you add in shipping of course). Does anyone know when it might be available in North America? Does anyone know of another reasonably priced under counter freezer that has pullouts bins, not just shelves)?

I did not realize how hard it would be to find this appliance. Thanks in advance for your help.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch under counter freezer

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That bosch will never be available in the USA.

You are going to have to adjust your expectations I'm afraid.

You're asking for the holy grail - low price, high quality, loaded with features.

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Hi Xedos and thanks for your reply.

Too bad about the Bosch. It seems those in the UK want small undercounter freezers more than North Americans. I really don't want an under counter freezer loaded with features. I would be happy with a quiet one that had a door that opened into sturdy shelves that I could put bins on to slide out. I would prefer bins to be included, but would be content without. I don't want an ice maker or any bells and whistles, and I wasn't asking for fancy drawers. I don't need rock bottom price for this small freezer space, just not something that costs a few thousand or more.

I may just get the Summit one even if the reviews on these boards are iffy. Maybe I could put in extra insulation to damped any sound. There just doesn't seem to be much choice in under counter freezers. Unless, I am missing one?


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I don't know if Perlick makes those or not, butttt--they have an outlet for "2nd's", at least for wine and beverage fridges, and those, especially the ones with the variable speed compressors are "Quiet", and some folks have found great deals on them,

Hopefully some "Perlick Experts" will chime in here.

In the interim, You may want to google "Perlick Freezers".


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Thanks, Gary!

I will look into that Brand, and see if I can find a scratch and slightly dented one.


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