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newhomecolumbusAugust 25, 2013

Hi, We bought a new home and the construction is about to begin. The builder needs the range hood model so that they can do a rough in. We are looking for a 36" chimney style range hood that is going to be mounted on the wall. We want something powerful 600-900 CFM around 1000$ range. I've read many posts on this website and figured Kobe and Zephyr are the brands I want to consider.

These are the 2 hoods i narrowed down to. The problem is that Kobe has baffle filter, but only 20 1/2" deep. Zephyr is 24" wide but has a mesh filter. Ideally I want a 24" deep hood with baffle filter.

Kobe RA-09 -

Zephyr Europa Venezia Series -

I am leaning towards Zephyr because compromising with mesh filter seems better than compromising on the depth. Any recommendations? Any other models that we should consider? Thanks in advance

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XO XOV36S is 36"x24" D 700cfm with optional baffle filters is about the same as the Zephyr.

And the hood is made in Italy by Faber but the blower is made in Germany by EBM.Faber has about 50% market share for rangehoods in Italy. EBM has about 42% market share for hood blowers in Europe plus they make other type of fans/blowers too.

XO is a new marketing company but its being distributed by Eastern Marketing in the US which also distributes AGA, Bertazzoni, Blomberg, Lynx, Marvel, Vent-A-Hood, and Waste King. And is being carried by some reputable stores too.

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deeageaux, thanks for the xo recommendation. I liked that hood but they didn't have sone info on the website. I contacted them and this is what they told me.

÷àààààààà3 speeds 200CFM/450CFM/700CFM
÷àààààààà2.8/ 4.9/8.4 Note 700CFM is a tremendous amount of airflow in a 6â duct hence the sone level.

Those sound levels seem very high compared to similar kobe models. RA-02 runs at 5.4 sones at 760 cfm. I don't like the looks of RA02. It looks bulky to me.

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There is no standardized method for measuring sones in the appliance industry. Same goes for dishwashers and decibels.

Some measure the fan by itself, some measure the fan on inside a hood if an internal fan, and some measure connected to a short duct run while others to a bit longer run.

I think sone measurements are good to compare different blowers within the same manufacture but not really great to compare noise across manufactures.

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Thanks again deeageaux. That makes sense. I will definitely consider this model. Do you have any other recommendations that flt my criteria?

I saw some posts here with people saying their XO's are pretty loud on the highest setting. Anyone here own the XO model hoods. Opinions on the noise levels or general performance?

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I found a great deal via the local Viking distributor. It was a demo/floor model that was originally about $1600 with the blower. I got it for about $350. It came with a 600CFM internal fan. The model number is vwh3048ss (discontinued model number). Although it is a 30", they had a lot of 36 and larger models there as well for great prices.

Find a good dealer and have them check their distributors for OTC deals. You can save a lot of money going this route, I have over $20k in appliances in my new kitchen, only paid $8500 for all of them with full warranty. The dealer I used is in another state (found on ebay) and they were a pleasure to work with on this. I went to the distributor and picked out the range (new in crate) and the hood. Called the dealer and they gave me a price, I paid the dealer over the phone and left with goodies.

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We decided to go with the XO hood. We are a few months away from actually purchasing and installing it. The sone information I mentioned above was apparently for the older model of xov36s. The correct sone is about 6 max. Thanks deeageaux

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Bought a 36" Cyclone NA330 680cfm for $740 from local dealer. Solid hood fans at good price

Pairing this with 36" American range Performer

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newhomecolumbus - I hope your new construction is complete. Can you share your review on the XO hood? I'm looking for one and like the 24" dept. I've used Kobe and love the quietness at the first setting. Where did you purchase it and how much was it for? I'm hoping to spend less than what amazon has it for. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: XO hood - 36 chimney vent

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There's a fair amount of interest in Kobe brand so I thought I'd post my experiences.

I bought and installed a Kobe Island Range Hood (model IS2436GSB) late in 2006. It has performed well until November 2011 when the lights stopped working. The bulbs were OK, so I called Kobe and talked to a somewhat unhelpful technician. He couldn't tell me much and there is little electronic info in the user's manual (what is there is really confusing and inaccurate) , but the problem was likely in the LCD panel, the "processor board" or the transformer. The board was the most likely culprit, so $110 and 3 hours later, I replaced it to find it didn't help. (There were other things that didn't work besides the lights)

Long story short, between 2006 and 2011, Kobe made 3 versions of this hood, each with a different electronic design. Since the LCD (display on front) was not available anymore, they offered me a "discount" on an entirely new unit.

Bottom line: nice looks, but poor design, poor construction, poor support and poor repair possibilities. Stay away from this company.

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