Can you please check my appliance choices

ontariomomAugust 15, 2013

Hi everyone,

We are trying to finalize our appliance choices for the kitchen in a house we have gutted and added an addition to. I have not added the model numbers as I believe the Canadian model numbers would differ from the U.S. ones anyway.

Here is what we are considering. Please let us know what you think of our short list. In particular we are concerned about the fridge and vent hood selection as others we have chosen seem to be well regarded on this forum (or so I think).

1)wall oven (to be placed under a raised 43 inch counter) Elux wave oven

2)Update: Now considering the Liehberr freestanding fridge with one fridge door and two freezer drawers. The price is higher than we wanted, but there does not seem to be too many mid priced fridges. Do we need the bio-fresh drawers as that will add considerably to the price as we would need to go with an integrated door as the freestanding in the style we want does not come with Biofresh drawers.

We are open to suggestions for another mid priced fridge that will last more than 8 years and not be deeper than 28 inches including the door. We want a fridge that has one fridge door and one or two freezer drawers (not FD style).

3)Upright freezer: Elux Icon

4)DW: Miele panel ready with top rack for cutlery

5)Microwave: sharp 24 inch drawer

6)Thermador induction 30" cooktop (mirror finish)

7)Island Vent hood: We are considering a vent from Futuro Futuro. It is linked below. We like the style of it, but wish a similar version was available with baffles rather than mesh. It is a a 36 inch one, but given some of the width is glass, do we need a wider one (cooktop is 30")

8)We already own an older model Gaggeneau steam oven that we got on scratch and dent for a bargain.

Thank you in advance for any input you might be able to provide.


Updated on Saturday to include possible fridge choice.

Here is a link that might be useful: possible island hood

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Your choices look good. I can't help with the fridge choice but wanted to mention that glad hoods are usually not as effective as hoods that have a capture are. The glass will also require regular cleaning. Something to consider. Glass hoods are considered more decorative so I would be surprised if you found one with baffles.
Best of luck!

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Thanks homepro01!

I appreciate your input. I agree that finding a glass but very functional hood with baffles may not be possible.

We are leaning towards the Liehberr fridge model number CS 2060. It has one fridge door, but two freezer drawers (size 36 inches and counter depth). It costs more than we would have liked, but it seems that the more reasonable priced fridges have a short life expectancy of 8 years. We are going to try to get a floor model of the Liehberr. Unfortunately, for the single fridge door freestanding model we are looking at, it does not come with biofresh drawers. Hopefully, that is a feature we won't miss too much.

Does anyone know how the biofresh drawers compare to the regular Liehberr fridge's without biofresh?


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We've had a Thermador induction cooktop in plain black, 36" wide, for about 15 months and it has been flawless. The responsiveness and control will amaze you. Before getting it, I hadn't thought the timers would be useful, but I was wrong! I set the timers and no longer have to worry overcooking if I'm distracted. There are no clicking, buzzing or other noises other than the fan which turns on when the power level is high. Even so, the noise is barely noticeable, a low-pitched hum.

We have a 36" wide Kobe vent over the cooktop. 36" was the limit because it had to fit within the cabinetry. The hood works well to remove smells. I cook at high heat (searing, stir-frying) regularly so the vent gets a lot of use. We looked at Zephyr hoods and decided the Kobe would suit us better. YMMV.

Good luck,

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Thank you very much for your help. I am glad to know you like the Thermador induction cooktop. We worried a bit that the Thermador did not have a metal lip around the outside to protect the glass top. Have you had any issues with chips etc on the perimeter of the cooktop? Also, do you think I will be sorry that I went for the 30 inch instead of the 36 inch? In other words how often would you have missed the fifth burner?

We will check into those hood manufacturers to see if they have an island hood that suits us. Thanks.


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Our model has a metal edge. I think the ceram surface of the cooktop holds up very well to normal use. I don't see any scratches or gouges. There is a scratch on the steel edge, from a rough edge on a pot. We use ceramabryte occasionally to get the surface superclean. Regular cleaning with soap and water leaves a little soap residue on the ceram which gradually develops a faint haze. Ceramabryte removes that, leaving the cooktop pristine. I *love* the mirror finish, but it wouldn't have suited our kitchen, and we got a great deal on the plain black.

I almost never use all 5 hobs simultaneously, but I do move pots and dishes around on the cooktop. I like the extra space but I could use the counter as easily.

I didn't realize your cooktop was on an island. Ours is on a wall so the vent isn't too noticeable. We went for efficiency, looks were less important. Your situation is different. I hope you find something that works for you. One very good thing about induction is that your venting requirement is less than with the equivalent power in gas cooktops. That is how we ended up with induction, and I'm very glad it did.


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Thanks, Cheryl for the extra info based on using the Thermador. I hope our family will be careful when setting pots on the cooktop, not to ding the ceramics given our model will not have the metal edge. Thanks for letting me know about Ceramabryte.

I appreciate your input.


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Unfortunately I can comment on the Liebherr bio fresh versus non bio fresh. The bio fresh models are better. I don't think this is a deal breaker though. I have a 30" non bio fresh model and a 24" all fridge with biofresh. Food last at least 3days longer in the biofresh model. Having said that, I love my Liebherr fridges. They are quieter than my Gaggenau all freezer and I am constantly on the hunt for a 24" liebherr all freezer.
Good luck!

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Very good to hear your comparisons on the Liehberr biofresh vs Liehberr non-biofresh. I am glad you shared your experience. Maybe we will get lucky and find a floor model with biofresh drawers. I certainly like the idea of a fridge keeping produce longer. I just wish they made a single door fridge (with two freezer drawers) that also had bio-fresh. According to the showroom rep at LIehberr, that style of fridge is not yet being made. Most people seem to want the French door, which I feel would be more awkward given we have a fridge landing space to the left of the fridge.


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Hi -

I'm trying to look through because I think we have a lot of appliance overlap. We just redid our kitchen and "moved in" to use it in April, and I LOVE every appliance.

Looking at your list, we have the Electrolux Icon All Fridge/Freezer, the Double Ovens and warming drawer. We're really pleased with all of them, especially the ovens. We did have one slight issue with a drawer front pulling off in the fridge, but hasn't been a problem in the freezer (on your list.)

We have the Sharp 27" microwave drawer and while that was new, I really like that (as do my kids!) We got the 27" b/c our cabinet was 27" (and the 30" is really the same size microwave,) just has spacers on the side. Some people complained about the open/close mechanism being slow so we went with the model that you can either pull/push open/close OR use the button on the microwave. That works out well for our family. My kids love it b/c they can reach it (and I don't worry they'll spill boiling soup on their face!)

We have the 36" Thermador gas cooktop. Love it! Can never go wrong with Thermador!

And, last but certainly not least, we have a Miele Futura Dimension Plus, which both my husband and I agree was the best appliance purchase we made! The dishes are SPARKLING clean and we LOVE the cutlery rack, especially the little part that drops down in the middle for spoons and service pieces and such.

I didn't need the LED lighting in the Diamond (for so much more $ - I don't tend to empty the dishwasher in the dark!) And the Futura Dimension PLUS has the feature that the DW pops open after the cycle is done so your dishes dry completely. EVERYTHING we put in is dry when we unload, including an entire top rack full of Tervis Tumblers (plastic) and tupperware lunch containers for my kids' lunches. (For a comparison, we have a Bosch in our wet bar and the stuff is sopping - ahem, 70% dry - when the cycle is done. It's ridiculous!) LOVE our Miele FDP!

OK, let me know if you have any specific questions! And, good luck! It feels so good to have appliance purchasing behind you - then it's just the fun of using your new appliance heaven! :-)

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Hi akcorcoran,

Thank you ever so much for your feedback on the appliances. I was glad to get your post and am relieved that the appliances we are leaning towards are being enjoyed by you. Very timely info on the DW you passed along. I can't remember which Miele DW we were quoted on, but like you I don't need the LED or the door popping open feature. We don't empty our dishes in the darker either LOL. My DH was wanting us to reconsider a less expensive DW, so your comments should help me convince him. I hate hand drying all those Tupperware containers/plastic containers from the kids' lunches.

Thanks again for your reflections.


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Hi Carol,

On the Miele, I put a link to the one that we got below. Emptied it this a.m. and thought again about how much I love it!

One thing to be clear about, this one - the Futura Dimension PLUS - is the only dimension that DOES have the little auto-open drying feature. That's the whole key to the plastics being dry. When it's finished, it pops open and hooks on a little latch (so it's not just swinging) and so everything is dry. That's in the Diamond too but you avoid the price increase to $2400 for the LED lights.

It dries all the plastic on top or bottom shelf - even our flatware has non-metal handles and they get dry.

Ours was about $1600 at Best Buy (ours has Pacific Sales, i think it's called? that sells all the appliances) - so it's not the least expensive, but SO MUCH BETTER than a comparable KA or Bosch. No other Dimension line has that auto-open drying, and so most people don't show the futura dimension plus in the showrooms. Only found out about it in doing my research!

To compare, we have a brand-new Bosch in our wet bar, not 10 feet away, and honestly the difference is staggering. We've already had our appliance store come once b/c it's not drying well and there are other issues. I'd say at best (with all the tricks - the rinse aid, etc.) Our theory was that we were really only washing china and glasses from entertaining in there which is what a Bosch is supposed to dry well. At BEST, it dries about 70% - we have to take a towel to everything we pull out. I so wish we had put in another Miele there!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Good luck!


Some pics, including where it's stuffed with clean, sparkling dishes! You can see how much plastic - and how haphazardly we load it and it is still amazing! :)

Best of luck in your project!


P.S. I got the one with the handle b/c I like to have a handle (and I use my foot to push it up in a side kick all the time. It also comes with an electric panel so it has no handle.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Futura Dimension Plus

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