Which would you choose - Liebherr or Bosch?

ativoliAugust 11, 2014

Hi all:
I'm in the market for a counter depth, 24", bottom freezer, free standing refrigerator without an ice maker (read too many horror stories!) Am now going back and forth between the Bosch 500 Series B11CB50SSS and the Liebherr CS1200. Would love to know any of your thoughts on the matter - particularly in terms of brand reliability! Thanks so much.

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We just ordered a Bosch refrigerator -- B22CT80SNS

No in door ice, the inside parts worked much better than most of the refrigerators I've been testing, it looks good, but I do feel its a bit of a gamble. Supposedly this model is made in the whirlpool factory in the US.

Good luck.

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I looked at the Liebherr units mostly as a matter of curiosity when I was shopping - and was totally unimpressed by the quality of the interior fittings. Also - the columns were much too tall for me to see what was "up there" - much less reach it. Have you had an opportunity to check this stuff out for yourself? "Kick the tires"?

I honestly can't see buying a refrigerator - much less an expensive refrigerator - without an ice maker. Doesn't make much sense to me to pay big bucks for a refrigerator only to go back to ice cube trays and ice buckets (I had to do this last week when we were putting in a new kitchen floor and replacing our refrigerator and it was the pits).

Kind of reminds of people here who are afraid to use their self-cleaning ovens because of the horror stories they read.

IMO - a lot (but probably not all) of the horror stories I read about appliances stem from user error or misuse. For example - one appliance repair guy who came to do something for us said that in about 75%+ of the cases he sees when it comes to cracked cook tops - they have footprints on them. IOW - people are using them as step stools.

FWIW - I'm close to 70 - and haven't had a refrigerator that didn't make ice for perhaps 40 years now. Buying a refrigerator that doesn't make ice makes about as much sense as not using the internet because you can get screwed up if you don't take appropriate safety/security precautions on line. Robyn

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What user error causes an ovens electronics to fail in self clean?

Some manufacturers had issues in the past with self clean which have been fixed for years now. Otherwise... self clean increases the chance of oven components failing in ANY brand because the oven is being heated over 900 degrees. That is a fact. Either you take the risk (most of the time nothing will happen) or you scrub the oven manually. Your choice.

I can think of plenty of reasons why someone would want a fridge without an ice maker besides their relatively high failure rate. First of all, they can add significantly to your electricity bill due to the heater inside. Yep, a heater inside your freezer, efficient, right? The other reason is volume. Most icemakers are designed for households that go through high volumes of ice. Mine is not one of those households, and so the ice ends up sitting in there for a long time, getting stale, and tasting nasty. This led me to disable mine. Third, capacity. They take up room in the freezer and in the fridge as well if you have a french door with external dispenser.

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i have liebher FD and love it.
i don't think the insides are cheap at all....
we have had it almost 3 years and it has been flawless,
they had to fix doors so they shut completely, one visit and they are fine.
very quiet
very easy to clean
well lit
would highly recommend
top shelf is high but it is fine for us
love it

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I've had my Liebherr about 18 months now, and love it.
Super quiet, keeps produce fresh, and makes great little clear ice cubes :)

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Thanks everyone! Just went in and "kicked the tires" and am going to go with the Liebherr. Appreciate all the help!

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Have two Liebherr, one 24" all fridge and a 30" fridge freezer. I absolutely love them. The configuration works wonderfully for how I use a fridge. I want to comment on the issue of things looking flimsy, I think the shelves and interior looks clean and sleeker than most are used to. I am always surprised when I go to best buy and open the fridges how thick and cluttered the shelves look. I have dropped the Liebherr shelves in my Rohl Fireclay sink without issue. I don't recommend this but they may be thin but there are not flimsy. Each person can make the decision as to what is appropriate for their needs.

I hope you enjoy your new fridge.

Good luck!

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Hi Juno, if you're there, have you gotten your new fridge yet? Looking at this one, too. Thanks.

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