Jumpy picture.

john_nyMay 17, 2011

I can move the cursor to the right side of the piture, with the mouse, and scroll up and/or down. Lately, however, the picture will, sometimes, move up or down, even when I'm not scrolling. Sometimes it will do that, even when the cursor is nowhere near the little thing that moves up and down, when you scroll. It's even done it when I'm not even touching the mouse. (It's just sitting there.)

I don't know if this mouse is called wireless, or cordless. (It's not attached to anything, and has a couple of batteries in it.) I think it is also called "optical". (It has no ball on the bottom but, instead, a little light.) There is also, on the bottom, a little tiny button marked, "Reset". Would it help to try pushing it?

Thanks for any help.

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on this site, and this site only, I get the jumpy picture/forum, and am tired to death of it. Don't know what causes it, and no way to cure it, just be persistent and keep trying is all I can say. When this site isn't so jumpy anymore, I will be back more often, makes me nauceous to come here and have that jumping going on.

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Browser please?

You might consider going into Safe Mode and seeing if the results are the same. My first thought is something is running/filtering in the background delaying the page from fully loading. By doing this it will show if my thought is right or wrong as nothing else will be actively loaded.

I have a similar concern with MSNBC.com due to it being heavily laden with ads. I run ABP as well as other traditional system protections. Here at GW, my only concern is a delay in presenting the homepage.


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Thank you. I'm using Internet Explorer. I'll have to ask a friend, because I don't know how to go into Safe Mode.

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I forgot to ask. Are you on dial-up, dsl, cable, satellite?


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I had that same experience with one of my computers a few years ago. Wiping the hard drive and starting fresh never cured it and I do believe I even tried a different video card but I never found the fix for it.

Mine would do the same as yours, jump when the mouse or keyboard were not being touched.

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Thanks folks.
DA - I'm on cable. (Verizon FIos)
I have the same problem whether I look at websites with Internet Explorer, or read e-mail on Outlook Express.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

out of curiosity what is your antivirus program?

back when I was having a load of weird problems with one of my computers including something similar it turned out to be caused by McAfee, which I was getting free through Verizon. The moment I eliminated all traces of McAfee all the weird symptoms stopped and never returned.

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I don't want to jinx this, but it appears to have stopped, all by itself.

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Unfortunately, I guess I did jinx it. It is now jumping again, just like before. It was good, almost all day.
I don't really know what anti-virus program I have right now. I recently had to have the video card replaced, and when he did that he also replaced the Avast anti virus with something else, because he said Avast was a resource hog. I will talk to him tomorrow. Again, thanks!

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With your connection you should not be having any concern with the download speed so we can rule that out.

Do you have another browser available? You should even if you don't regularly use it. If you do, does this occur also on the that browser?

Is your Java, Flash Player, and Shockwave current?


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you would have an icon in your tray by the clock for your current antivirus program so you can view the details of it. Not sure why he would say that about Avast it is not very resource heavy compared to many others.

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In case anyone is interested, the culprit was a defective keyboard. (It was 12 years old.) Replacing it solved the problem. Thanks, everyone.

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Thank you for returning and posting how you got the problem fixed. This might well help someone coming here or even doing a Google search.

Glad the issue is resolved for you.

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I have the same problem as shaddy101 - jumping only on the GW website. I think it has something to do with the pop-ups on the right side. Sometimes they block off my up/down arrows, so I can't move.

Perhaps the pop-ups aren't being managed completely. It seems a lot better since I'm using Firefox more often, but can't say definitely.


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