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sugar_flMay 31, 2011

I would like some feedback on google chrome. My son talked me into downloading it. I still have firefox on also. I don't want firefox 4 so this is one option. So far I like it even though it is a little different.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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I have 3 browsers on my puter, use different ones for different purposes. I like Chrome, seems to load faster, my download time goes quickly, sure it is different, if the browsers were all the same, there would be no need for the different names, they could be 1-2-3-4 and down the line, each has it's own good points, and for that I am grateful, if everything were the same, sure would be boring world, wouldn't you say?

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Just another browser. To me nothing stands out to impress me.

Some users will like it more than other users. Some users will like it less than other users. Some users will love it, and some some users will "hate" it.

It's kind of like the old Chevy, Ford, Chrysler comparison.

Bottom line: The only thing important is what the individual user thinks.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

never hurts to have multiple browsers, I tried Chrome did not care for it and never went back to it. If you do not like firefox 4 right now why not just go back to the last version before 4 it is still being updated, I have not gone to 4 on any of mine yet.

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Do U think Chrome is as secure as Firefox?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

my opinion only but no I do not which is the reason I choose not to use it, there have been several reported security issues with it in the past. But then no browser is totally secure. this was one of the recent issues that was brought up.
Security Expert Raises Questions Regarding Security Issues Regarding Chrome Web Store

you can of course go to a search engine and search for chrome security problems

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I have used Chrome as my default browser for several years, even though I also have FF, Opera, and IE. I do use FF for a few sites. I do not have a problem with security of Chrome, and trust it enough to have my banking and investment sites open with that browser. As DA and others have said, it's a matter of personal preference, IMHO.

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We've seen them happen before. There might be a browser battle brewing.

Firefox 5.0 Beta 3 was released today 06/02.

Google Chrome 13.0.782.1 Beta was released today 06/02.

Opera 11.50 Beta 1 (build 1027) was released 05/31.

Time will tell and it usually benefits the user.

As I regularly report, time marches on.


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I was a faithful user of IE for too many years until it continually crashed. I don't care for FF. Now I use Chrome for everything and like it a lot. I still have the other two on my desktop as a backup.

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