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susie_queMarch 7, 2012

Howdie Friends!!

Hello from a very sunny and mild National Park!!

I know I've been awol the past few months, just busy with work!!

The job is just wonderful! Really into the swing of things now and its turning out to be a really fun place to work.

Both kids also still work there too!!

Drew started college in Jan...changed his major so he's no longer persuing food science. He's doing good!!

Amy is working full time at an online marketing company....she seriously dislikes it but its a paycheck while she is applying her heart out for her dream job!! She works at Far Mart a few nights a week.

Frank actully stopped working 2 jobs in Oct...he can retire from the PO in about 8 years so he'll look for something as he gets closer to retirement!!

So after living here in the park for over 2 years we decided its time to do the kitchen!! I know many here do not do facebook but those who do know its been hell just picking out tiles and paint colors!!

We are "just" about done now and it looks beautiful!!

So excited to finally finish up and post some pics!!

Next project will be the man cave.

In other news my dear SIL was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is holding up really well and the chemo is doing its thing!! My brother is just beside himeslf...after everything he's been through over the past few years and now this....scary stuff!!

My parents home is STILL up for oldest brother hasnt got a clue what he's doing. Probably be awhile since the poor misguided fool still doesnt want to reduce the price to its true value.

I've also joined a book club started by our former realtor here in NJ. I have always wanted to do this and so far I've enjoyed the selections. It got me back into reading and with a nook on my phone connected with our library system, Im reading a lot!!

I will post pics of the new kitchen real soon but if ya want to follow the progress just friend me on FaceBook!!



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Susie, glad things are going well for you and your family. Sounds like you found the perfect job.


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Hey Susie, I checked out your remodel progress. It's looking nice! Glad to hear your kids are doing well. And that you enjoy your job. So what have you been reading?

I'm sorry to hear your SIL is dealing with cancer and chemo. :(


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Good to see you Susie. Good thoughts for your SIL.

Glad you're using your library. We just started offering eBooks and can't keep up with the demand. I have a Kindle, but I mostly read book reviews...sighhh...

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Good seeing you again Susie! Glad to hear the kids are (mostly) launched, off and running. High fives for all the wonderful things in your life - you have a great attitude and that's worth a million. Sending good wishes to your SIL.

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I missed this development, perhaps as I've been mostly off the board too. National Park? Which one? How can you get to live in a N. P.? Sounds cool.

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