Too many favorites? How to delete?

socksMay 8, 2008

I have too many favories and want to delete quite a few, but I cannot figure out how to do it other than one by one, which is pretty slow.

How can I delete several at once? I'm using Windows XP.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well are you using IE or Firefox? In firefox you click on bookmarks then organize bookmarks which will open up an explorer type interface from there you can highlight entire groups of urls and choose to delete them.

IF IE which versions? In IE 6 click on favorites then organize favorites. However you can not hilight and select blocks of them like you can in firefox to delete.

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Pooh Bear

If you are using Internet Explorer
at the very top of the page click Favorites
and then hold down the Shift key and click Organize Favorites.
A window will open up that looks like Windows Explorer.
You can delete or move favorites just like you would files.
To select a block of favorites click on the first one
then hold the shift key down and click on the last one.
This will high light the entire block so you can delete it.
To select individual favorites just hold down the Ctrl key
and click on each one you want to delete to high light it.
Then you can delete those all at once.

Instead of deleting favorites I just create a new folder
and call it Old Stuff and move all my unused favorites to it.
You create a new file by clicking File>>New>>Folder
Then just name the folder what ever you want.

Pooh Bear

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Pooh Bear, even when I go to Organize Favorites and use the shift key, I can still select only one at a time. But I like your idea of putting old favorites in a fiolder-that's a good idea. I could even delete the folder then if I want to. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Pooh Bear

Use the Ctrl key to select several favorites to be moved at one time.
You don't have to use the Shift or Ctrl keys to
select favorites. It just makes the job go faster.

Pooh Bear

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How do you delete several favorites at once using Maxthon Browser?
I do like the idea of setting up a folder for Old Stuff, thanks poohbear2767!

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when i try to highlite it automatically goes to the first favorite. any time i try something its just opens up that window

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