Did you need the NPDES permit ?

farmhousegirlJuly 12, 2014

We are building a 3800 square foot house with long driveway, septic system, storm water drainage, and flagstone patio. We were just told by the builder that we may need a special permit from the US gov't because we may be over the one acre disturbance limit...anything pushing dirt around is a disturbance..grading the lot, etc.

I am freaking out because we were originally told this would not be necessary. Our engineering is about done and it will depend on what type of storm drainage system the township allows us to get by with. The permit is 8k and takes a few months. We've been waiting two years for a raw land development to get through the red tape...now to find this out is beyond frustrating. We should be in our home by now, but the red tape has drug on and on.

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Without knowing where you are building it is completely impossible to tell you. Knowing where you where you are building may make it only impossible to tell you. You need to check with your local jurisdiction as they will be the only ones to answer you correctly.

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I'm not asking if we need it....(that is to be determined, but a likely possibility) I'm just curious if anyone else has run into this issue. We will eventually find out if we need it depending on what the township determines with their calculations and all the variables. I've not heard anyone else on hear discussing this huge hoop to jump/aggravation, so was curious if anyone else had run into it as an issue since I've never seen it mentioned before; but others seem to be building some large properties. Thanks


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The government has obstacles that doom poor people.

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That's for sure bus driver. The gov't is a disgrace. Some rules/regulations are needed, but we are regulation nation at this point that it hurts the common person and business who try to create jobs. Not trying to be political, but this process of getting raw land sudivided and brought to the permit stage has taken over two years and thousands of dollars needlessly spent due to utter insanity/regulations. Too bad so many citizens do not realize what is happening.

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I do not know where you are building, but as a Civil Engineer I have worked in Indiana and Illinois. In both states, you must submit a permit application for erosion control/stormwater management if you are disturbing more than one acre.

In Indiana you submit a Notice of Intent (Rule 5) NPDES General Permit Rule for Stormwater Discharge Associated with Construction Activity to Indiana Department of Environmental Management. The permit generally takes 30-45 days after submitting.

In Illinois you submit a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for Stormwater Discharge due to Construction Activities to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The permit takes 30 days after submitting.

All states are different, but I doubt you need a federal permit unless you are working in a wetland or floodway.

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