Dishwasher - Heated Dry or Not?

suziequeAugust 29, 2013

I've just purchased an LG dishwasher; I still have time to cancel the purchase if I decide against it.

My current DW (Frigidaire - which is AWFUL!!!) has a heated dry cycle. Frankly, I thought they all did until speaking with the salesperson today. The LG I bought doesn't have that. It's not a cheap DW (although I guess that's point of view), and only the Frigidaires in the same price range $600-$700 had a heat dry cycle, among those at the store. There will never be another Frigidaire cross the threshold of my house. :-)

Is not having a heated dry cycle a deal breaker for you? For those of you without it, is it ok?


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Heated dry can get plastics dry but can also burn plastics and put more stress on other dishes.

Vented drying can leave droplets on plastic but more energy efficient and does not burn plastics.

Dishwashers are the most complex difficult to manufacture home appliance as it uses water and electricity and has more moving parts than a clothes washer. Generally, manufactures with more experience are more reliable. Bosch has been making dishwashers since early sixties while LG and Samsung are relatively recent entrants into the market.

Any brand can have a lemon but your best bet in this price range is Bosch.

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Heated dry is necessary for me. I want my dw to wash and dry. I dont need lots of wash cycles but do love my heated dry.

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With the LG or Bosch the dry will be about the same as using the air dry on the Frigidaire. As long as you keep the Jet Dry filled you should be fine--even better if you wash very few plastics. They dry the dishes,pans, glassware fine, just plastics that will be damp.

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On purpose, I set my DW to not heat-dry. The water is hot enough, that during the air dry cycle, everything dries except the plastic. I think the heated dry cycle is too harsh. Dishes are plenty warm when it's over.

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When I had a Frigidaire with hot-dry, I shut it off like andee. It just wasn't needed. Now on my second Bosch, and could just do a happy dance. The first Bosch has gone on to its second life, still working flawlessly, in the church kitchen. The new Bosch has a sanitize cycle that really gets the dishes dry. For the money, I don't think you can beat a Bosch. That said, my old, old Frigidaire is still working, too, in my sister's canning kitchen, so maybe I just have good dishwasher karma? Hope I haven't just cursed the new Bosch . . .

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