Went from 19' to a 22'monitor-unhappy

michael_so_flMay 31, 2011

The 22" has just stretched out everything especially the backgrounds and screensavers.Is there a way to square up the picture? I thought I was buying something neat, Am I going to be disapointed in a wide screen TV also? Even my pinochle games on yahoo are stretched out.

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Sounds like you need to set the screen resolution to the specifications of the new monitor. What OS are you using? In Win 7 right click on an empty spot on the desktop and choose screen resolution on the context menu. The monitor has a native resolution which will be the best to use. You should find it in the material that came with the monitor.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

definitely, you will need to change the resolution to the one recommended for your new 22", always do that anytime you get a change in size.

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Thanks I did change the resolution a couple of times, they recommended 1920x1080,didnt care for that, chg again to 1152X864 and it was getting better except for yahoo games was tiny, I'm now trying 1024x768. I'll keep experimenting, thank you both for your help.

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I was disappointed with widescreen when I saw how much the vertical size of the picture is reduced. However, I've gotten used to it. Hope you find a satisfactory setting.

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Once you find the right resolution, the picture should have normal proportions. I went from a 20" to a 24" and I never had a problem...just a bigger picture. What brand of monitor is this and how old is your computer?

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You really can't "experiment" with a LCD monitor, it has a native resolution that if set differently will distort images.

Frankly, I don't see the trend with "wide screen" computer monitors given that most web sites are still designed for 4:3 proportions. And, as I think you've begun to realize, one need to go to significantly larger 16:9 monitor to gain any actual screen space. Which is the exact same thing that has happened with televisions. In your case, the new 22" monitor has about 26 square inches of additional screen space than the old 19" monitor (about 13%).

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I agree. I definitely prefer the 4:3 ratio.

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I looked at some wide screen monitors in a store today. One feature was, with the right driver, it could display two, normal aspect ratio screens, side-by-side. Other than that, I did not see a big need to go with the wide format. Some savy uses are watching TV and movies on their monitors. A wide screen format makes sense for late model movies.

The entire screen can not used if you wish to display distortion free 4:3 ration screens.

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Unless you have a really, really comfortable computer chair and a really, really big monitor it's beyond me why anyone would choose that over the couch. :-)

I could see some situations, like photo editing, where a wide screen monitor could be useful. It would be nice to be able to make adjustments to one image while comparing it to the original.

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

Jemdandy commented that "with the right driver" a wide screen monitor could display two normal aspect ratio screens side-by-side.

Would this driver come from the monitor maker? How could one identify such a driver? Does it have a name or is there some description in the specification (of either the monitor or the driver?) that would indicate it has this capability?

I occasionally find a split screen helpful on my current 4:3 monitor. Being able to see more of each page using a wide screen monitor does have some appeal.

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Juneroses I use 2 windows side by side on my 22 inch monitor at times. No drivers are needed. You can have numerous pages open on top of each other so it is easy to drag the 2 needed to the half size of your screen.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would not use any resolution other than the exact one that the manufcturer specified for that particular monitor, if your picture is not as you want it or your font size is not right then you need to adjust those things NOT the resolution. If you need things bigger in the font and print then you need to go into the advanced settings on the pc and change your DPI setting to a larger one.
Most all monitors have button on the front for adjusting the actual picture and most have an auto button I would try doing the auto adjust to see if it will set it right that way if not then go into the individual settings there on the monitor with the buttons. Your manual should have all of those instructions.
But again set the resolution for what it says in the manual for that monitor.

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With the resolution set at 1920, manufacturer recommends,I cannot play yahoo games any longer for they are too small.
Contacted LG and they said to upgrade video card, took it to the computer geek and he said there is nothing wrong with your video card for it reads 1920.I have been miserable since I bought this monitor and they are only selling wide screens today.Got any other suggestions? I tried all resolutions and yahoo games wont display a good picture, I played with this thing until I'm blue in the face.In fact I'm exhausted

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I just looked at a couple of yahoo games on my laptop which of course has wide screen. The games I looked at filled the screen from top to bottom but not side to side which would distort them. Even on my 15 inch screen at 1366 x 768 resolution they are plenty big enough to play. I can't see what you're seeing but your computer geek should be able to tell you what the problem is.

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Lots of people have wide screen monitors and lots of people play games on Yahoo. While I can't tell you what to adjust, there certainly is an adjustment. Don't give up hope.

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I went to Yahoo Games and right clicked to view the page code. The page width is only set to 750 pixels so on your 1920 pixel width it will look small. There seems to be no way to increase the size

Here is a link that might be useful: Yahoo answer re screen size

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If you have Windows 7 you can try using the magnifier.
Click Start - Control panel - Ease of Access - then click Start magnifier.

Also on that page is an option to "Make computer easier to see", you could see if that offers anything useful for you.

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Well Everyone I solved 90% of my problems with yahoo games by changing the resolution to 800X600. Why people insisted (LG also)on 1920x1080 I'll never know.I was ready to bring it back to Best Buy and tried 0ne more setting of the 800. It has been a hell of a week, thanks all of you for helping.Michael

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Probably because 1920x1080i is the standard HDTV setting.


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