Outlook express will not send.

charleneyMay 7, 2012

Just that. Need help

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The problem is probably not with Outlook Express but with your e-mail server. Do you use a web based program such at Hotmail or Gmail, or do you use a service provided by your ISP? Definitely need more information here before any help can be rendered.

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Yes! And there should be some sort of error code generated is there?

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Don't know about Outlook Express, since mine is Outlook.

In Outlook, if accidently set it 'work offline', it won't send mails out. The 'work offline' option is under 'FILE'.

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I had multiple phone/comp. problems untill the man replaced the line TO THE HOUSE. Lost OE completely and was irked! I kept restoring system and it came back WITH O.E.
Of course , you have to do SOME updating SOMETIMES after a restore. That was the only fix this old man knew to do and wasn't sure that it would cure my ills, but it did. I've used O.E. for so long that I just hate to TRY and go to another e mail program.

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Your phone or cable line being replaced has nothing to do with Outlook Express.

I would suspect that if you've done multiple restores a setting got changed somewhere.

What happens when you try to send an email? Do you get any kind of error messages?

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