Why is this happening?

petaloidMay 10, 2012

Just the past couple of days, when I try to get onto Glyphs forums and a few others here at GardenWeb, the page displays for a second and then blanks out, appearing to load halfway but no further.

At the bottom of the page I see:

transferring data from tags.bluekai.com

What the heck is going on?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The exact same thing is happening to me only on my Android phone and it has to be one of the many ads that is causing it. If I close out of that and re-enter the address for the page it usually will display normally. It is extremely frustrating. On my computers that have firefox with adblock plus and easylist it is not happening which is what is leading me to believe it is ad related.

I would use the contact us button at the bottom and let them know you have this problem so they can attempt to determine what is causing it.

You are not alone and it is not just your computer. now I have no idea what Glyphs is but my experience has been here at GW. and most noticeably at KT

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It's happening to me on Firefox but not on IE - where I am now.
Raven - I believe you're right I've been getting ads that I don't normally get and wondering where they were coming from. Now I know. This is the only place it happens. Hope someone fixes it.

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I don't seem to be having the problems I did before I added adblock. You might want to download it.

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I re-installed Adblock Plus (which I thought I already had) and it looks like everything is back to normal -- thanks for the good advice!

ravencajun -- Glyphs is a separate part of GardenWeb for the arts: music, books and movies.

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