My Glass Cooktop exploded

toomuchglassAugust 7, 2011

I have a Frigidare glass cook top stove. It's only 6 years old . I was cooking pancakes on it the other day - and I heard a horriffic loud BANG ....I picked up the pan and the glass was just in pieces. I'm just shocked. I know I didn't do anything wrong. Has anyone heard of this happening to anyone else ? I want to replace the top , but if this is a common happening , I better rethink it. Opinions ?

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Can you give us the model number, and the age, of this appliance? Is it a cooktop or a stove? Induction, or electric? What sort of pan were you using?

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Sure I can ! It's a Frigidaire "Gallery series" .
Model #GLEF379DSG . It's a whole stove - electric- ceramic/glass cook top with a circulating fan in the oven & I paid $686.00 for it --- 6 years ago . I was using a 10" flat ,no stick griddle that I've used dozens of times before. This just baffles me . Since posting this on the few forums that I visit on the internet - it seems like it's not common - but it does happen.
I'm a stained glass artist - so I know about how goofy glass can behave - but being professionally manufactured , there shouldn't be any flaws in the glass.

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That's a ten inch square griddle? Not a double one? If so, I'm baffled too. If long over two burners, perhaps there was some issue with uneven heating?

Is there any chance there was some moisture either on the burner or the bottom of the griddle? One hears that that can create a hot enough spot to cause a crack.

Have you checked the flatness of the bottom with a straight edge to make sure it hasn't warped? And created a hot air pocket?

Is there any chance there was some kind of tiny warping tension on the glass such that it finally gave in?

Yeah, you hear of people breaking the glass, but usually it's when they've dropped a pot or created a really big thermal shock.

Baffling. Much sympathy.

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I racked my brain thinking of what I could have done wrong.
Yes - I bought a brand new griddle because my old one was so uneven , it rocked on the burner . I splurged and bought a good one,too ! I never cooked on a dirty surface - I was always there with the cooktop cleaner and a razor blade ( as per the instructions) This just has me scratching my head .

I've had stained glass break like that before. It's fine and all of a sudden it cracks . It's usually from a stress fracture .... a manufactures defect ...either it's not cooled right -- or there's a microscopic air bubble or an unseen flaw. Mass produced glass stove tops ( I believe) are perfected . Pyrex had trouble with their glass exploding. I'm on a mission now ... questioning every stove mgf.. and asking why . Thanks for your interest in my post . You guys are the greatest !

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In the terminology, it's vitroceramic (not tempered glass). Technically speaking.

I remember seeing that, in the descriptions of the cooktop "glass".

I haven't managed to find much information about vitroceramico. When I went web searching I came back with nothing. Not even on wikipedia. Here is
"... a unique pyroceramic glass cookware resistant to thermal shock, that was first introduced in 1958 by Corning Glass Works. CorningWare is notable for the fact that it can be used directly on the stovetop."

What IS vitroceramic and what are its physical properties? File this under complaint and problem. i think there should have been some factual information at some point in time. The cooktop manufacturers could point to it.

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It might be good to report this incident at the website, as well as to Frigidaire.

There was an incident from March 2011 in your GLEF379DSG model about the front burner catching fire while both rear burners were being used -- see link below. But I didn't see anything about vitroceramic breakage anywhere online.

Here is a link that might be useful: report

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Just like when you cut glass, you score it first and then tap it, even a lightly scratched cooktop can shatter with only a slight amount of force/energy applied. It's a testament to how well these things are manufactured that it doesn't happen more often, and is exceedingly rare indeed. That's also the reason that folks are warned away from using cast iron. It's not the cast iron, it's the possibility of burrs on that cast iron coupled with it's weight that can lead to some pretty nasty scratches. I've also seen one shatter from someone laying down a lid from a hot pot. The steam sealed it to the surface, and when the air inside cooled, it created a vacuum and that shattered a hole in the cooktop. Not to mention the usual shattering from the case of the dropsies.

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I was reading somewhere that Pyrex has had problems recently because they changed the formulation of their 'glass'. The older stuff was a more-expensive 'glass' than the newer stuff and the newer stuff is more fragile.

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FYI. My daughter has this same glass cooktop, 5 years old and in excellent condition. Last week she removed a pan lid, set it on the cooktop over the warming burner that was not turned on. Shortly the glass cooktop exploded under the pan lid. Glass sprayed all over the kitchen; thankfully she had her back to the cooktop at the time. She plans to contact Frigidaire..she does not plan to replace this cooktop with another glass top type.

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I have heard of this in rare instances also.

After six years, I think we can be pretty sure it's not a manufacturing defect. Even if it was , I think your quest would be a fool's errand as the only one that is perfect is the almighty.

The rest of us can strive for perfection but ALWAYS fall short , especially on repetitive processes.

Now to the practical side of your situation. I'm guessing that you'll want to start shopping for a new stove. The glass for that cooktop will be at least $200 and might be closer to 300. Add one to two hours of labor and you are easily looking at close to $500 in repair cost. Then you'll have to factor in risk of the tech damaging your floor, counter, cabinets, ect... just getting the unit in and out to make the repair.

Let's say all that goes swimmingly, you'll still have 60 -80% of the original cost of the stove just in the one repair, and the rest of the unit will still be six years old.

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Two posts up from yours LWO explains why that likely happened. Every appliance probably has some things that you just shouldn't do to them and/or be careful about. For example on this forum you can read plenty of warnings about getting the igniters wet on a gas burner when cleaning. Accidents happen, but if they were particularly common the problem would get a lot more press.

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