Please help with kitchen pass through to greatroom - need pics

skchakJuly 27, 2008

We've decided to keep our plan as is and leave the kitchen pass through (so that I can see what's going on in the greatroom). I've seen some with arches and some that are square, yet they still can look so different (as far as columns, molding, trim, shutters, etc.) and I feel like the two entryways to the kitchen (and maybe even DR) would need to match. Does anyone have theirs to share? I'd love to see ideas as we need to make a decision really soon....

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Here's our VERY open floorplan with arches separating rooms.
Entryway looking towards Dining Room and glimpse of kitchen.

From Kitchen looking towards the Great Room

And Great Room towards Kitchen

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Hi Lindy,

Thanks for posting....your home is beautiful. I love the colors. I've not seen arches with columns like that before. Most of them go all the way up....that's very unique.

I probably wasn't very clear and wanted to post a picture, but wasn't sure how. We're building the Sullivan - Frank Betz - and there's a small opening over the kitchen sink that looks into the greatroom. I call it a pass through, but there could be another name for it. There's a door into the kitchen on both sides and the pass through is in the middle. What you've shown does give an idea of how to do trim the doorways. I just love columns! I'll see if I can find a link somewhere and post.

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lindy, beautiful. What color are your walls? I love the way you have used stained wood and painted wood!

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skchak - we are also building the Sullivan. We chose not to do the pass through, but here are a couple of websites with pics:

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Ahh...I get it now..sorry! I know someone on kitchens did a remodel with a cool looking "opening" between the kitchen and Great Room. I'll see if I can find it for you. I'm not sure I like the squared off one like this photo but I dislike severe angles as a general rule.

Sallen, thanks, the walls are Restoration Hardware Cappuccino with Latte on the Ceiling. The dining room is RH Flax.

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This isn't the thread I was thinking about but this one shows a couple of them. I much prefer the arch (gee, wonder why? LOL)

Pass Through Thread from Kitchens

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Well the search feature is still crapola isn't it? You might want to post your question over on the Kitchen Forum because I'm sure there are several folks who have a pass through they could share. Meanwhile, I found one other one that I thought was cool with columns. Here ya go:

Pass through pic

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The pics and links are great! Thanks Lindy and Jnjmom for posting. We saw one at a Parade of Homes that was arched, but the opening was smaller and my husband didn't like it. I do love the arched doorways though and think it would be pretty arched if the opening was bigger. I've included the link, however, you can only get a glimpse of it, but do check out the virtual tour. I think you can see it better there. This is one of the nicer Sullivans that I've seen.

Jnjmom - would love to know the other changes you're making to your plan. Are you keeping the laundry room the same size? I'm not quite sure where to keep the ironing board and wanted a built-in, but I don't think there's enough room....

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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skchak --

We have made several changes - I don't have a final pic of my floorplan, but I'm including the link to the thread I am updating on here.

You definitely want to plan to make your garage bigger if you are planning on parking in it or selling the house at some point - for some reason it is teeny tiny. I also just squared off the back of the house at the breakfast room and made that BR larger - we added some sqft to that side of the house when we pulled the garage out, so my laundry room will by like 8x9 or something like that.

Thanks for that link - awesome!!

Here is a link that might be useful: My thread

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Hi Jnjmom,

Thanks for the suggestions and the link! I see where you have the built-in ironing board. I had actually looked at this earlier, but didn't realize it was you! Our builder did suggest we increase the garage a little and he's adding a door to the outside. However, we still haven't decided about the laundry room. I want it bigger, but we'd have to push it out a little and then the garage on the front end. I hate to do all that for an ironing board, but then again I really want to be able to fold it up where it won't be out all the time. Plus, it's going to be the dog's room and I want him to have enough room to move around in during the day. Decisions...decisions:)

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Yeah, not sure about the built in ironing board. Would love to put that in DH's closet but he's not going for it. He irons his clothes every morning before work, so it seems to make sense to not have to go all the way to the other side of the house just to iron, but whatever...

We ended up not doing a door to the outside in our garage. Had one in the other house and never used it. Going with one 18' foot garage door instead of two because of the way the house is angled with the side entry garage (ie, I wasn't making the turn well enough for hubby to feel comfortable with two).

Also, our door into the house from the garage is no longer in the utility room, it actually comes into the hall. Also the kitchen is angled off at that hall because if not the hallway is seriously cramped.

When are you thinking you'll get started?

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I iron my clothes every morning as well. There may be no choice as to have the laundry room as is and just find somewhere to put it neatly. I've seen large cabinets that hold ironing boards, brooms, mops, etc., but I don't think there's room for that either. Hopefully, we can discuss our options with the builder this week.

That's too funny about your not making the turn. I haven't even thought about that.....this is our first garage. My husband wanted to add an attached storage building (for mower), so at least he will probably get use out of the door. I was unsure at first, but the builder is making it to look like part of the house with shingles and a window, so I think it will look nice. I didn't want it to stick out like a sore thumb...

We have to make the final decisions regarding the laundry room or anything that will change the exterior. I'm hoping we can do that this week so that that they can started with the footing/foundation. We just got the permit from the city on Friday. How about you and where are you from by the way?

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We are almost three weeks into this and should finish up the basement this week. We live in Middle Tennessee, and are self contracting the project. So far so good :o)

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