Purchased hex marble tiles for bathroom floor and spacing uneven

Heidi-DIYerSeptember 5, 2012

Hi everyone!

In a couple days I will be tiling our newly renovated bathroom. I special ordered 2" hex marble tiles for the floor and they are not adhered to the mesh backing straight - some tiles even touch each other.

Is this a common problem with mosaic like tiles? What to do - tear the really bad ones off and reattach to the mesh or rip them all off the mesh and use spacers? Not worth it, return the tile?

Advice highly appreciated!

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"Back in the day", the mesh wasn't that great. Then it got better. But I still find the occasional out of whack sheet, or box of sheets.

So "is it a common problem?" In some ways it's not as common as it used to be, but some import tiles seem to have horrific quality control.

If only a few are errant, I'll pull them and reset. If there are too many...then I return the entire order.

I had one situation where I had to pull every tile off the mesh backing and set them individually. Fortunately it wasn't a huge area to tile, it was a fireplace surround. 3/4" by 3" natural stone tiles.

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If it's that bad, return the order and either reorder, or ask for your money back. I've also riun into this twice in the last 3 months-- once with glazed 1" hex, and once with 2" marble hex. THe marble was especially bad. I laid out about 12 sheets dry on the floor for the owner to see, and to me, it looked disgusting. She said it gave it the "hand laid" look-- install it!

What do I know??? :-)

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