Noxious new oven smell ??

infohound2006August 22, 2010

Our new Electrolux wave-touch double oven is wonderful, except for a persistent noxious offgassing when it's hot.

I get an odd headache and a bit nauseous, with a tight throat -- very much like what I got after I've burned a Teflon pan. I don't like feeling like a sick canary.

The smell is less strong in the upper oven, which we've used more, but still pretty awful from the lower oven, even the 6th or so time we've now used it. DH says not to worry, that it's just a 'new-oven smell', but a strong Teflon-type smell from an enamel-coated oven doesn't seem right.

DH just baked some wonderful monkey bread for DS's birthday, but I'm wondering what other chemicals that bread's absorbed. And what else will we be ingesting along with the birthday cake.


- does anyone know where this is likely from?

- WHAT are the chemicals that are offgassing?

- is this a defect or not?

- and, especially, how do I get rid of it w/o just spreading the chemicals/particles throughout the house? (see PPS. below).

PS. I've just found two other threads on this with (mostly Electrolux) ovens, but still don't know WHAT gets burned off with a self-clean 'burn in' procedure.... or regular baking.

PPS. Well' I've re-read the Electrolux manual, and, though it doesn't recommend a burn-in, it does say:

CAUTION: The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to the fumes given off during the self-clean cycle of any wall oven. Move birds to another well-ventilated room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another thread: mentions insulation, 'manufacturing residue'

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Well, I found a few more references. It sounds like the smell can be from multiple sources, but doesn't leave me reassured.

What's really frustrating is that my family has respiratory problems, so in our recent remodel I've been very careful to use low-VOC floor finishes, cabinets, interior paint -- and we moved in only after the (very few) remaining VOCs had offgassed. And, despite all my care, for the 10+ oven cycles so far our house has been perfused with the noxious chemicals from the oven.


08-07-2007, 09:20 PM
From Google

The bonding agents used in the insulation blanket around the oven cavity go through a curing process. The odor will dissipate after a few bake cycles or after the first clean cycle. This is normal. Important: The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to the fumes given off during the self-cleaning cycle. Exposure to the fumes may result in death to certain birds. Always move birds to another closed and well ventilated room.

08-08-2007, 06:07 AM
i had to off gas my new oven while 9 months preggo :irked: I turned mine on 500 degrees and rotated between that and the high broiler so I could get all the elements off gassed at once. I opened the doors. It was horrible! It finally went away. I havn't self cleaned the oven yet, but when i do i will leave the house and leave some windows open cause it will off gas a lot then also.


the new smell
I got this oven last night,it said to turn the oven on an leave the door open an turn it on for 15mins an this would remove odor trace that may be there.Well I did an then I cooked a pizza in it and the taste of the pizza was bad.How do I remove the smell an keep my food from tasting the same way? I want to start using it but don't want to have the bad taste in my mouth...Please help Thank Yiou
asked 6 months ago
shelene, - usa

I found the smell is in all the parts, so when you do that "15 minutes," put EVERYTHING (racks, pan) inside it. Also, I washed them all (quickly) first. After the first day the smell was gone.
answered 5 months, 3 weeks ago
- Boston, MA
answer 2
First, Wash all of the racks and pans in the dishwasher or hot soapy water. Then replace in the oven and turn your oven on to 450, set for 15 minutes and DON"T LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN! Then Open the door and cook at 450 for another 5 minutes. That will solve the problem, It's possible also that it was just a lousy pizza.

Go Cooking!



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I have an electric double oven with convection. When I turn it on to heat it up a strange smell comes from inside the oven. It smells like lighter fluid. I have had it serviced 4 times, including a new fan and it still smells like a charcoal pit is being lit up. No one can find anything wrong....

Posted - 04/17/2010 : 7:27:04 PM Show Profile Reply with Quote
It is 4 years old. I used the 'self cleaning' last week, the smell is worse. no one can figure it out, but the smell makes me nauseaus.

"KitchenAid just took my oven back. One of the guys told me he has heard of this problem, not often but in the past. He said that they use chinese parts and sometimes they can break down, when the wire coatings wear near the insulation it can give off 'lighter fluid' smell.. Who knew...

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Well I haven't heard that.. The ovens do have formaldyhde in the insulation but this does burn off and does provide the odor during self cleaning. This is why we do recommend to have the self cleaning ran when you can well ventilate the kitchen area as well. Opening of windows or a patio door and also a fan could work best to avoid the strong fumes in the room. You will find this with any oven that offers a self cleaning feature to provide strong odors.

As for the regular heating cycle, I am not sure where that is coming from. After the 2nd or third use that smell should have gone away..

Last update: March 24, 2009 - 6:39 PM


Q When I turned on my new oven, there was an
obnoxious odor and it started to smoke. Is it
defective? I had never used it before, or since,
but I have been using the burners.

A It's probably not defective. Frigidaire, for
example, explains that a new stove can give off
odors or a small amount of smoke. It's generally
from the fiberglass insulation that contains a
binding agent to hold it together. The odor will
diminish after the first use. Before cooking in
your oven for the first time, however, turn it on
to 400 degrees for 30 minutes. This will allow
for an initial burn-in period. Ventilate the room
by opening a window.

But it's always best to contact the manufacturer
of your stove or the retailer.

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Good grief...I never even thought about stuff like this...I have the all gas Electrolux wave touch oven on sounds scary

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I have had no such issues with the 2 Electrolux ovens that I have had. I would call them if you have questions. If I felt that bad, I certainly would not run it.

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I just bought an Elux induction range and it came with instruction to run the ovens at 400 degrees x 30 mins to burn off any manufacturing residue. After 4 hours, smoke and fumes were still being emitted...picture all windows open, range hood at high, smoke alarms going off. I'm not living in the house now due to the kitchen reno, but will need to get this off-gassing completely resolved before my bird and I can move back in.

Most ovens (and many other electrical appliances, e.g. toasters and hair dryers) have Teflon coating on various parts, so yes, you probably are experiencing PTFE-fumes. PTFE is toxic to birds so that's why Elux includes that warning. I don't know why this process can't be completed during manufacturing instead of Elux endangering the health of its customers and their pets.

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"I don't know why this process can't be completed during manufacturing instead of Elux endangering the health of its customers and their pets."

Apparently You missed the post that "Stated that Miele runs each or their ovens for 5 minutes to be sure everything is "Workin" Not sure if Miele warns you about Birds and self cleaning or even fumes that can occur on "Initial Use".

I suspect other ovens are the same. I've had my Elux oven for close to 5 years now, so I don't recall if some fumes were given off initially, but I put clothes pins on the cats' noses (Just in case)!!!


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Most ovens tell you to do an initial burn in but I thought that was supposed to be to get rid of manufacturing oils. This sounds a lot different.

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We bought a new GE Electric convection range (top of the line) and I was told to set the temperature at 400 degrees and run the oven for 30 minutes. I tried this (for 2 days) and it still was omitting an odor. I then was told to run the self-cleaning part and after 40 minutes the fumes were so strong!! There was a white smoke-film throughout my house so we opened windows, ran fans / vents, etc. Our eyes were burning and my wife was getting a headache and getting sick. We couldn't take it any longer so we turned the oven off and left the house for a few hours. Even after coming back to the house at a later time the odor is still very strong!! I'm not sure if this is normal for a new oven, but it's going back to the store first thing Monday morning!

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