Arghh! Quartz bathroom vanity top 5/8" too wide for cabinet

suel41452September 15, 2013

I bought a 61 x 22 inch St. Paul stone effects "Oasis" quartz vanity top (.75 inch thick quartz) with undermounted double sinks to replace a double sink top.
After I removed the existing top, I discovered the cabinet I'm planning to put it on is actually 59 3/8" wide x 21". The cabinet is attached to the right wall & back wall, so there would be a 1 5/8" overhang of the top on the left side instead of 1".
I don't care that it's not perfectly centered, you'd never notice the way the bathroom is. But wondering if:
1. the double sinks being off-center would make them impossible to align to existing double-sink plumbing?
2. The extra 5/8 inch overhang would cause the top to be unstable?
Thanks for any advise, obviously I'm a total newbie!! My husband wants the bathroom to get back to normal ASAP!
PS -planning for a plumber to do the install

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Hey Sue,

My DH (My plumber-LOL), says it shouldn't be a problem at all. He says chances are that your new drains wouldn't be exactly where your old ones were anyways, so the drain would have had to be cut and modified anyways.

As for the unstable top, aren't you planning on attaching the top to something anyways? AND, I don't think that tiny ~ 1/2" on one side would make much difference on a 61" long counter!

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Raehelen - I'm feeling relieved after reading your reply, thanks! Must be super handy to have a plumber husband!!!

Yes, the top will be attached to the old cabinet with sealant which has four sides. I just thought an extra overhang of 5/8" might cause the quartz top to have some sort of problem, since it's supposed to overhang 1" not 1 5/8".

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Sue, My hubby is an engineer, which translates to being able to do just about anything! We have DIY'd a total house reno, and the only thing he has been unwilling to tackle has been replacing the roof shingles and upgrading our home's power supply from 100AMP to 200AMP. Everything else we have done, which is why I have had no Master Bath for going on 5 months now... There are pros and cons to being 'able to do it all yourself'! LOL

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I am a fabricator.

The extra overhang is no problem if you are OK with it. If you really want to correct it you can cut the quartz material with a 7-1/4" circular saw and a $50 diamond blade as long as you keep the blade wet while sawing.

Many fab shops would also be willing to cut off the extra material on their big saw as long as you'll leave it so they don't have to drop whatever they are doing. We'd do it on our saw for $20 and it would take about 10 minutes tops most of which would be loading and set-up. (the actual cut would take under a minute on a $50,000 stone saw.)

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Thanks to everyone for their help and advice!

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can you please give some idea how much to top cost? thanks!

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I got it at Home Depot online, it was on sale for @440 dollars. The first one I got delivered by UPS to my home was defective: the backsplash was broken in half. When I called to report the damage HD said they'd take off an additional $40 if I re-ordered, so I did! The second one was delivered by some local granite company & was okay.

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I just posted a question about this name brand. How does it look in person quality wise?

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Looks fine to me, but I can't judge its quality over the long haul yet. It weighs 115 lbs, so hopefully it's heavy-duty!!

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