Kitchenaid Oven Follow-Up

shortyrobynAugust 15, 2011

I guess it's normal that people report their problems more than their non-problems. Anyway - I read some messages here about people having problems using the self-clean function on their Kitchenaid ovens. I bought the 30" double wall ovens anyway - in January - mostly to avoid extensive cabinetry work (my 16 year old Kitchenaid double ovens died - computer malfunction - too expensive to repair) - the new model fit perfectly into the old cabinet.

I have since used the self-cleaning function in both ovens. No problems. I will use the self-cleaning function again a couple of times before the first anniversary of the unit (even though I have an extended warranty). My ovens tend to get really dirty when I am doing holiday cooking.

The only problem I have had with the unit is both ovens were slightly off in terms of temperature calibration. But there is a function in the unit where you can calibrate the temperature (which I did - using a $5 oven thermometer). Robyn

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This is good to know -

but...............I still wouldn't do business with a co. that acted like they did in handling the defective ovens for years. They still deny there even WAS a problem!

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As usual, you're right, Antss, buttttt------
What about Miele and their low oven temps, which is still unresolved, and does Miele admit to such a problem?


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I am glad to hear you have had no problems but I will not be using the self clean anyway, on any oven I own. It is nothing but an ultra high temp setting, and that is a receipe for trouble. I clean the oven if it gets messed up as soon as it cools down and I have found that a little BKR works just fine. In a year and a half I have not had to use the self clean and the oven looks brand new. Good luck going forward, I hope you continue to avoid any problems.

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