Cost of concrete slab for patio?

jeszhangJuly 19, 2012

Does anyone know what the cost of a concrete slab would run (by square foot)?

One contractor estimated $4300 for 800 SQF patio. It's far above my budget.

What is the going rate per SF? Or do they quote it another way? I am in Georgia.


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Just priced this cheapest price was $8/sqft+ $250 for stamped and colored which is very cheap of up to 380sqft above 380sqft is 6/sqft. It is usually around 12/sqft stamped and colored here but I used to work for a major co and we used them before so I was aware of his price and quality. Near Charlotte NC. just plain old driveway concrete is $3/sq ft from the same co. Check psi and thickness when you get quotes so you know it's apples to apples.

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So that is pricey for plain jane concrete. Perhaps your contractor is adding 20% for himself....

But would you really want an 800 sqft patio of gray plain concrete?

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