others using my email to send me an email from me?

krissie55May 7, 2013

Please advise how someone else can use my Yahoo e-mail to send me an email from myself? How can I stop this?

A pharmacy has been doing this lately.

I changed my password, but today there are more emails to myself from myself posted by a pharmacy.

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Pooh Bear

They are spoofing your email address.
Makes it a lot harder to block when it's your own address.

Pooh Bear

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Bottom line is that you somehow picked up a nasty on your computer, and probably your entire address book had been taken, so everyone is getting spam from you. Now, your address will probably be used by other spammers. BTW, it's not a real drug store/pharmacy, it's a spammer/scammer. Do NOT try to contact them.

You need to talk to a good local computer store and get your computer cleaned of all the nasty stuff, and probably you'll need to change your password with your ISP ASAP. Don't wait, doing these things are critical.

In other words, go get some help.

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As posted earlier, you have been spoofed.

The spoofing could stem from malware such as a Trojan or rootkit but it is more likely that it is a spammer disguising the email sending address since you will tend to open the email if the sender looks friendly.

Open the full header of the email, copy and paste into an email and send to your email provider.

Just to be sure, a thorough scan is in order. What real-time protection and scanners do you use?

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Some e-mail providers allow the user to filter the incoming e-mail and send it to Spam. The filter, in this case, would be your user id.

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Thanks for your suggestions.

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See this yahoo help article. Someone is either spoofing yoru email or has hacked your account. If the link doesn't work google "yahoo account sending spam" and the help doc should come up.


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