cd not downloading

brownthumbiaMay 9, 2014

I ordered a Hallmark Card cd and it came with a bonus cd that has games, etc. on it. the card cd downloaded okay but the bonus cd won't download. Was wondering if you could figure out what is wrong. I hope my terminology is right and that you know what I mean. Thanks for any help I can get. BT

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If you visit the Hallmark website you will see "Live chat" button near the top right, click it and explain things. Have your invoice and any other pertinent data ready of course.

I suspect it will be like most chats, you actually type back and forth so there should be no language problems.

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Be careful with your words, brownthumb, so that you can explain yourself.

"Download" is most usually used to mean to getting files from a network or the internet. If you have a CD, there's nothing to download, what you're looking for is in your hand, not elsewhere. You can

Load (infrequent)
Copy From

Good luck.

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