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Posted before with no responses but I'm not above begging so here goes again :o)�. We are adding a bath onto a bedroom and using our existing space. The house is a 2 bed/1 bath 1600sq. ft. California bungalow. We are expanding out 6-7'into one end of our existing long family room (and expanding the kitchen out on the other end -- another thread :o). The sewer inspection showed that the easiest (i.e cheapest!) place to put the bath is in the rear adjacent to the existing bath. The closer I keep the toilet to the back corner the less need for adding vents etc. The plan I have come up gives us about a 12"x 14' bedroom, 14' reach in closet and 14x5.4" bath. The only existing windows are corner windows and will now be in the shower (turn to glass block?) so we'll have to carve out new windows in the bedroom. The house is concrete block and is on a slab. Nothing easy! We'd like to add a door to the outside to access the hot tub. I've got the entrance to the bath from the bedroom and the outside entrance lined up (opaque glass to allow more light into the bedroom) and unfortunately that puts the toilet just inside the entrance. I thought we could put opaque glass again with either just an opening or sliding door as a lavatory closet so it won't be so offensive to the eye at the entrance. We have a tub in the other bathroom so just want a nice sized walk-in shower. A nice sized vanity is a plus but not at the expense of wiggle room. Am I jamming in too much? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! From bath From bath

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You aren't labeling any of the dimensions. Right now, just on counting graph boxes, your clearances look way too tight on many things. Your reach in closet needs another 6" to account for the door and wall in the bedroom, and the master toilet alcove needs to be 36" interior space to interior space with at least 36" in front of it as well. Where do you plan to put the mirror for the vanity if you locate it in front of the window? Windows in showers are problematic leaking points that have to have extra attention paid during construction. You will really really have to do your research here to be sure that you know how to properly waterproof this. Do NOT rely on any contractor to know or do the right thing.

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Thanks for the response GreenDesigns. The current bedroom is 13'x11' and when we remove the existing reach-in closet it will become 13'x14'. Pulling out the wall into the family room will make it 13'x 19/20' (depending on how far out we come). The vanity is NEXT to the corner windows in front of a wall and the corner windows would be inside the shower. Not my first choice and the warning about leakage is the type of information I've been looking for. I would MUCH prefer flipping the design and putting the toilet under the windows but the plumber advised me to keep the toilet as close to the existing bath as possible.... Right now I've given 28" for the closet including the sliding door and 34"interior x60" in the toilet area. I'd like to not totally enclose that area as it is small but I thought of putting an opaque glass partition next to the toilet for the little bit of separation the small space affords....

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Can you put your door to the upper left corner of your plan, at the one window where the shower is now? Then move your shower to the upper wall, along that wall, turned 90 degrees. Then your vanity on the opposite wall from its current location. Do you need an enclosed toilet room? Is there going to be a sliding pocket door on the toilet room? Or will there be a knee wall? Will the toilet be easily accessible if you need a wheel chair or walker? I just think about accessing the toilet safely in case one needs assistance of another.

Another issue, your shower seems awfully large. Do you need a 6'x10' shower? That shower is larger than my bathroom I'm redoing and I have a toilet, 5' tub, several cabinets and a 36"x18" vanity. I will be able to wheel a chair into my layout if I need to....

WAIT, your measurements are way off. When I compare your old plan I see that your new plan is 6" per square, instead of the 1' per sq in your old plan. Am I right?

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Enduring, The total we're working with with bed/bath is 14'x19/20'. The bath dimensions are 14'x5.3". The shower is 5'x 38" (to account for curb/door). Since the bath is narrow we're unable to put the vanity across from the shower. I really don't want to enclose the toilet area but I'm entertaining an opaque glass pony wall or pocket door next to the toilet itself so as not to be quite as offensive when you enter the bath. Very good point about wheelchair/walker accessibility.

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