Please show me your makeup vanity:)

janealexaSeptember 27, 2011

We will have 36 inch high sink vanities in our master, then the makeup vanity area will drop down a little bit. Not sure what to do with the backsplash. Should it drop down at the makeup vanity area? Would love to see pics and/or hear your input. Thanks in advance!

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What are you doing for a backsplash behind the sinks? Are you using the same material as your counter top or tile?

With either one, I would definitely drop it down to make-up vanity height.

Here's a pic (not mine) of solid surface counter and back splash. Couldn't imagine doing it any differently, having less height over the dropped area, even with different mirrors in place.

I think it should be a continuous line along the top of the entire back splash, filling in everything below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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just_julie, thanks for your comment. The vanity countertop will be granite, but the backsplash will be a glass/stone mosaic with pencil liner.

I am very short, so I don't think I can have the backsplash continue across since that would cut off the bottom of the mirror while I am sitting. I think the mirror will have to drop down at the makeup vanity.

I'm considering doing something similar to this picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: step down makeup vanity with separate mirror

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That's a nice bathroom! Notice that the top of the mirrors are even.

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Found this one too - thanks for starting a fun search, Julie! This may be a bit more grand than your space...but had to add it into the convo. Really like the drop down vanity here with the wood, and the coordinated little stool that tucks right underneath.

Could do without the TV in the mirror personally - but I bet my husband would say it's a must ;)

bathroom design by Seura

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Thanks just_julie and ellenm08 for your comments!

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So what do you recommend for lighting in the vanity area? Is there a certain light bulb that's best?

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I'm not exactly sure, we'll know more when the electrician comes back. He said there are many different options. A gardenwebber recently told me that Reveal light bulbs are the best artificial light, but I haven't looked into that yet.

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Just following up on this thread, here is a progress pic of our master bath. There is also a makeup mirror that extends out from the side wall, sorry I don't have a pic of it yet.

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janealexa, that is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see finished pictures :)

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I think it's looking great!

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Hi Janealexa, it looks fantastic! Is that the reflection of a bedroom fireplace? Now, I'm REALLY jealous!! lol

I can't wait to see pics of the whole room!

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Your bathroom is wonderful and I love the color scheme!! We are building right now and my master vanity is 36 inches high also...and the make-up vanity part is the same height. I'm also thinking through how to do mirrors, lighting and the vanity seat (which is going to have to be a stool because of the height). Thanks for all the pictures and I'd love any thoughts on whether having a vanity that high will drive me crazy! (my layout is the same as the picture posted by ellenm08) Thanks...

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gus5 - don't know how old you are but if you have arthritis, I think you are really going to appreciate a higher vanity which means higher stool which means easier on the knees.

My husband and I are both rather tall and our make-up vanity will be same height but because we will have a vessel sink, that height will be somewhat less than 36 inches I think. I haven't chosen the vessel sink yet so I don't have a height yet. Think I need to do a mockup and see what the different heights feel like from a sitting position.
Hope this isn't hijacking the thread (too much).

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Hi again, Janealexa! I just took another look at your picture and now I'm curious... How are you lighting your vanities? Do you have any sidelighting or did you decide on lights over the mirrors? Just wondering...

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Thank you Glittergirl_Tx, desertsteph, treasuretheday, & gus5! It took me many hours on GW and Houzz to come up with the design:)

elphaba, mocking it up is a great idea!

gus5, I've never had a makeup vanity before and we won't be in the new house for a while so I can't give you much feedback. Maybe you can mock it up as elphaba mentioned and see if it feels comfortable.

Hi treasuretheday! How is your bath coming along? The fireplace in the reflection is in the bathroom, it sits across from our tub. We have the option of putting a TV above the mantel (it is wired for TV). A picture will go there for now. The fireplace is doublesided so we also have the stone fireplace on the other side of the wall in our master bedroom.

As far as the is kind of complicated so I hope I can explain it right. We have a chandelier in the corner of the bathroom on its own dimmer switch. We have an eyeball can directed at the fireplace on its own switch. We have 1 eyeball can above each sink, both cans are on the same dimmer switch. If you look in the reflection, you can see DH's vanity and a can light above in the soffit. Then there is another eyeball can on its own switch above the makeup vanity (that is the light that is on in the pic). Lastly there is a hardwired makeup mirror on its own switch. (Toilet and shower areas also have their own lighting).

So the reason for the cans is because I just don't like vanity lighting above the sink (although we do have it in some of the other baths). I know most people say cans above cast shadows, but we have the option to turn off the can and turn on the chandelier which at its brightest gives off a lot of light. We have a similar situation in our current house and it works just fine. Also the cans have eyeball trim so they can be directed in such a way that the light is not shining straight down above your head.

While I am at the makeup vanity, I can turn on my lighted makeup mirror, turn off the can above my head, but leave the can above the sink on. As you can see I like options :)

We considered sconces, but DH didn't like how we would've needed at least 5. And we couldn't do sconces on the sidewalls b/c there is a pocket door on DH's side.

Hope that all made sense :)

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A doublesided fireplace between the masterbedroom and bath is stolen straight out of my dreams!! I briefly tried unsuccessfully to convince DH that we needed one. Oh well, I got nearly everything else on my wish list!

That is going to be such an amazing space for you. What's your projected completion date? My bathroom is inching along. The cabinets are in, the shower is 95% done and they're making the counters now.

I know you put alot of thought into the lighting so I'm sure it will be great. I also know what you mean about wanting options (and lots of dimmers!) Every light in my bath is on a dimmer and between lights, fans, etc. I believe my DH said we have 9 switches. And my rooom is just not that big! lol

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treasuretheday, looking forward to seeing pics of your new bath! I know it will be beautiful, I love all of your choices, they will look amazing all put together!

I never even considered fireplaces in the bed/bath until our architect/designer suggested it. Did you end up going with the heated floor? That is something that I couldn't convince DH to do ;)

As far as our lighting, I figured it's better to have too much light and be able to dim it (than the other way around and not have enough light) You have the same idea:)

The house probably won't be done until end of Feb/early Mar! Lots of outside work still needs to be done...

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LOVE your bathroom!! We also went with the darker stain color and browns so yours is right up my alley..just jealous of the fireplace! We also wired for a tv to hang above the tub but I really plan on using it for getting ready and watching tv bc I love to watch the news in the morning.
Great job on the bathroom!

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We did end up putting in a Nuheat heated floor. We've tested it out and I'm pretty certain I'll love it. It's really interesting though, the same temperature can feel lukewarm to the touch by hand but toasty warm underfoot.

Keep those pictures coming... late Feb/early March isn't that far off!

Eyegirlie... Your bathroom sounds beautiful so we'd love to see pics!

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elphaba- great advice...thank you! (just 42...but this is our long-term home)

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Thanks, you can find most of the photos of our house in the building a house forum under the January thread

or go directly to my albulm

Here is a link that might be useful: House photos

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treasuretheday, I will, please keep posting your pics too!

Eyegirlie, thank you! I checked out some of your pics, you have a beautiful home!! Congrats!

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Here's another pic:

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Just a follow-up...we had to lower the lighted makeup mirror on the side wall because it was set too high. I'm glad I dropped the backsplash and mirror down. It was recommended to me to continue the backsplash from the sink vanity across and do one large mirror - I'm glad I didn't do that. Since I am short I wouldn't have been able to see myself in the mirror. I can just see my head and the top of my shoulders in the current set-up while I am sitting. If I had to do it all over, I think I would've just done a backsplash just at the sink vanity. Then I would've had the mirror come all the way down at the makeup area without a backsplash/sidesplash. That way I'd be able to see all of my hair (my hair is long). Then on DH's side I would've just done a backsplash and no sidesplash to match. If anyone decides to do this, make sure the granite fabricators know so they can do a nice clean cut where there is no backsplash/sidesplash.
Here is the concept:

mediterranean bathroom design by philadelphia kitchen and bath Kevin Martin
Hope this info helps any of you who are doing makeup vanities:)

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Jane thanks soo much for taking the time to post ur last message. I'm in the process of doing my vanity and I was going to continue the backsplash to the vanity, after reading ur post I learned I was going to regret it.

Thanks again.

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