MSE not running daily auto scans, but is set to do so

debo_2006May 18, 2012

I've been using MSE for a few months and have it checked to run an auto, quick scan daily at 10:00am. I did not check the box for it to can when 'puter is on but not in use as I prefer it to run if I'm using it at said time. However, for the past 2 weeks, it has not been automatically running the scan (but definitions are being updated daily) and I have to do run the scan manually. I've looked at all the set ups and everything looks like I have it correct. It used to run them daily, I believe, then sudden stopped. Any one have a clue? Thanks.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

just to clarify you do have the computer turned on at that time period daily correct?
it will not scan when off or when in sleep mode. It will perform the scan at the next scheduled time.
You did not tell us if you are running windows 7 but this is how to find the sleep mode option

It can be found by launching "taskschd.msc" from the start menu. You then expand "Task Scheduler Library" to find "Microsoft". From there you will see "Microsoft Antimalware" and then "MP Scheduled Scan".

Under the properties select the "Conditions" tab. Under the "Power" section check:

"Stop if the computer switches to battery power."
"Wake the computer to run this task"

If you are using xp

go into the control panel and open up the Task Scheduler. Then select "Advanced" from the pull down menu and then select "View Hidden Tasks".
you should see a task named "MP Scheduled Scan". If you select the properties you will see a settings tab. In the settings tab you will see a power management box. You should check:
"wake the computer to run the task"
"stop this task if battery mode begins"

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might also quickly click its help down arrow and About.. see if the version is 4 something.. mine says "Security Essentials Version: 4.0.1526.04"

Not too long ago they updated to version 4 and sometimes the update is bad. Pretty simple program to uninstall/reinstall. The updated released version 4 is better for sure.

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Running Vista. Yes, computer is on, but, sometimes may be in sleep mode at the time, but not always. I did what you said and the only things I see in the scheduled tasks are Google crap (probably my laptop/tablet sync) and Adobe Flash Updater. I don't see anything scheduled for MSE, yet I have it set to scan daily within the MSE settings. Hummm.

My MSE appears to be up to date.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

did you follow the top instructions I gave or the xp ones? You want the top ones for 7 and vista.
You will have to address the sleep mode issue or it will not wake to run.

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Nowhere am I seeing this: Microsoft Antimalware" and then "MP Scheduled Scan".

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Uninstall and reboot
Then reinstall ... its so easy.
Do you back settings to run while you work.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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