clear gasket necessary on frameless glass shower door?

nanjean68September 23, 2012

The frameless glass doors are in on my newly tiled shower. Why oh why is there a gasket 3 feet tall on the door itself? I understand it being at the bottom but I think it looks awful. I can't find any pictures in magazines of a clear gasket on a door. The contractor said it was to keep water from going out. Well, if he maybe measured correctly would we need that? Thanks.

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Pretty much all of the time I have seen a hard L or similar on the panel if there is one. If not it would be on the door. Either way there is always a seal unless you want the water to splash out. So I would tend to believe that "Well, if he maybe measured correctly would we need that?", yes it in needed. And perhaps research should be done before making such a broad statement about him measuring incorrectly.

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We have a fremeless shower door, and it has clear gaskets. It was laser measured, and fits perfectly, but without a gasket, water would be all over the floor outside the door. It's necessary, in my opinion, and I don't even notice it. It's easy to peel off, however, so take yours off, and see if you can live with the leakage.....

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My husband measured perfectly and we DON'T have a clear gasket on the side. We do have one the bottom only. I'd say our 'gap' is between 1/8" and 3/16" -- so pretty tight.

In a typical 15 minute shower in my very small stall (so lots of potential for splashing), we leak about a teaspoon of water onto the bathmat -- so not a big problem.

Of course, bigger gap -> bigger problem.

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Also depends where the shower head is aimed but the company I work for and all the local companies i know of use them. The largest shower door hardware supplier in the country sells them by the truckload as well as every door supplier I know of.

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Thank you for telling me like it is! I read about the "measurement" thing on another page. Obviously what we see in the magazines is not what we really need on our doors at home.

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Take it off and see what happens. If there is not water outside, leave it out.

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