Where do I hang bath towels

KarensebSeptember 4, 2013

Hi All,

We have moved to a new home and I would like to hang the bath towels near the shower. Unfortunately, I am afraid to hang the towels right next to the shower, for fear that when the door opens, it will hit the towel hook and scratch or break the glass.
I bought 2 towel hooks that I like and thought perhaps I could hang one about 3 feet off the floor and another one about 3 feet directly above it (just to the left of where the door is pictured open.) I could then hang three shell prints to the right side. I've only pictured 2 to give you an idea of what they look like. They would probably be spaced 3 to 4 in apart top to bottom.

Any other ideas?

Maybe a shelf on the wall with wash clothes protruding out so the door hits them before the shower door? Then 2 hooks horizontally placed under the shelf.
To the left of the wall is the door to the toilet room. Hang one towel or both in there?

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How wide is "under the light switches"? (or what I assume are light switches--that little wall space in front of the toilet door there?)

I like your first idea too, but worry the towels may not really fit in that space very well.

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That wall is 15 inches wide. I considered that wall, but I think we'd be hitting the hooks or towels on the way to the bathroom at night. I think it would look okay if the bank of light switches were not there. My husband says the towels are in the way on that wall.

With the first idea, I think the towels would fit width wise ( I have 12 inches between the trim and where the shower door would hit the hook on the wall, I'd hang them 11 inches from the trim on the left). So you think I don't have enough vertical space to hang the towel? If I hang the towels just so, it works, but I know that would be hard for DH.

Would a shelf on that wall holding rolled towels work? Then I could hang the towel hooks side by side and use a not too deep chrome shelf to hold the rolled towels.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have two bars on the back (inside) of our bathroom door. It looks like yours is very close to your shower, too--would that work for you?

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Babka NorCal 9b

Hmmmm. I just measured a springy boingy rubber-tipped door stop that screws into a wall or door. It is 3". Then I measured my various towel bars and they range from 3" to 3-1/4".

What if you hung your towel bar, (or hooks) horizontally on the wall, then screwed one of the boingy door stop into the wall right at the end of the bar (or towel hook)nearest to the shower). All it needs to do is protrude 1/4" more than the shower bar/hook in order to softly stop the glass door from opening a full 90 degrees. If necessary you could put a thin block behind it.

You wouldn't see it if you weren't looking for it with colorful towels hanging on the bar/hooks Just that white rubber tip.

Then you could have towels and pictures on that wall. ;-)

Do you always open that shower door a full 90 degrees getting in and out of the shower?

Maybe you could try those temporary, inexpensive Command Hooks to see if it works before you go drilling holes in the wall.

Think about putting an over the top hook on the fixed panel of shower glass to temporarily hold a towel when you are in the shower, so you don't have to open the door so wide to grab it after a shower.


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Shanghaimom- I used an over the door towel holder at my last house and loved it. It just doesn't seem to fit and work well on that door
Babka- I can't believe you came up with that idea as I said the same thing to my husband. He said I should just install the door stopper on the wall near the floor where the aluminum trim of the shower door would stop the glass door from hitting the hooks.
I'm thinking that may be the better solution.

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If there is a towel ON the hooks, I'd not worry about the shower door hitting it... It will be "cushioned". So, if you always have the 2 hooks occupied when you open/close the door, it is a non issue (and actually, you really only have to consider if the first hook (closest to the hinge) would regularly have a towel. Maybe that is yours, if you are more conscientious than DH).

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Babka NorCal 9b

Good idea Kirkhall! How, then, about 3 hooks with the one closest to the hinge having a small towel that will never (well, hardly ever) be removed? The problem is getting easier to solve every day!


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I meant putting your towel bars on the door, not an over-the-door setup.

Like this:

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double post

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we are in the middle of a small master bath reno, and I have no place for towels, the above set up is what I am going to use, except the 2 18" towel bars will be behind the door, not on the back of the door. After much too much consideration to where to hang towels, we decided that 2 stacked 18" behind the door, was better than hooks or rolled towels (what do you do when they are wet??). And a 24" towel bar took up far too much space!

good luck!

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Shanghaimom and Christine- If my setup was like yours, I would definitely put the towel rack on the back of the door, but the back of the door of the toilet room seems out of the way and I don't think I want to hang a towel rack on the front of the toilet room door, although it is always open.

Babka, what a good idea of hanging a "dummy" towel hook on the right with a towel.

I have one more idea I might try before I order another towel hook. I might be able to cushion the bottom hook that holds the towel with foam on the end of the hook and tie it in place. The towel would always cover the foam! I just don't know how the foam will hold up or if it will fall off. It would probably hold the towel better. HaHa
Maybe I should have bought one of those train rack shelves and put deep bath towels on top?

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Look for robe hooks instead of towel hooks? Mine are flatter to the wall and actually hold the towels better too... They don't have a sharp point.

Here is a link that might be useful: maybe something like this

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Yes, I have two robe hooks hanging on the adjacent wall and they are behind the glass shower door when it is open...not a problem...no banging against the hooks and it looks like you have a few inches of clearance. Not sure if you can do it with your door handle, but before I shower I hang the towel on the shower door handle so I don't have to step out of the shower to retrieve my towel.

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I don't know about you but I find that we usualy open the shower into keep the drips in the shower pan. The hook hitting the glass would be a non-issue.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Me too, but our last shower door only opened out. If this one opens both ways, you have a very good point.

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