Disappointed with Amercian Range

cameraman12August 8, 2013

I just purchased an American Range 36" 6 burner range and straight out of the box its had problems. One of the knobs didn't pop out after lighting the burner and also one of the valves was leaking gas.

I called my local gas company to check it out and they verified it was leaking gas and it was very dangerous so they shut off my gas. So I called American Range and they sent someone out who also verified that one of the valves was leaking and a part needed to be ordered. Its been a week since I haven�t been able to use the range and its still not fixed (and I haven't heard back from the repairman.) I believe the company is based LA and I'm in San Francisco so I'm not sure why the part wasn't overnighted? I haven't been able to cook and I'm eating out every day which is getting very expensive!

This is not really what I expected from a brand new $4000 range. I also don't understand how a leaking range got by the final inspection at the factory?! Anyone else have problems with their American Range?

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Sorry to hear about headache with AR.

AR residential 36" ranges start at $5k

Can you tell us which model it is?

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Yes, you're correct, it's a $5k range. Its the ARR-636 range which is part of the cuisine series which I purchased from an authorized AR reseller in San Francisco. It was a brand new in the box unit. I have to say that the store has been very helpful in trying to get this fixed as quickly as possible by staying in contact with AR and the repair company. I have purchased quite a few things from them over the years and they have always been excellent.

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I might be able to help. Email bgilbertson@americanrange.com. His name is Brad. I bought the hybrid double oven, and it was installed April 2013. The bottom oven did not work. I sent multiple emails. They responded but nothing was ever done.

Finally I sent a scathing letter on their website.. I asked if they were trying to wait until the warranty runs out. Plus I said little bit more. LOL. It took two months of me emailing to get it replaced. They finally sent a repairman and he didn't want to work on it. He left the oven parts that AR had sent to him.

After I sent the email (to president of the company) the vice president of marketing called and emailed me. He emailed Brad. They had to make a new oven, then test it. It is now installed and working well.

So email Brad with lots of details. If he doesn't fix the problem, send me a message. I will give you the VP's email address. I think after my email, the upper management is watching the employees very carefully.

Good luck. Search "American Range peke" on the appliance forum.

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Thanks, Peke. I appreciate the help. After talking with the store where I bought it from they concluded that I somehow got a lemon but they said this was definitely not their experience with American Range. They are usually trouble free. So they sent out a new one today and this one works perfectly! Even the installer said that he's never heard of an American Range with so many problems (maybe mine got bumped during shipping or something?) Anyway, everything is good now and I can finally cook after two weeks!

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Good to hear.

American Range back on the good guys list.

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I am also interested in an AR 36" range. I am in San Francisco too. Can you let me know the name of the reseller you got your range from?


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