Dryer on left; washer on right. Does that work?

still_watersJuly 28, 2012

I have to rework laundry/back hall to make room for the elevator. I'm thinking of flipping the washer and dryer to the opposite wall. But that would put the dryer near the outside for venting and on the left side of the washer. Does it matter? Does anyone have D/W instead of W/D and do you like it? I'm right handed.

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Thats how it is at my house. I have never given it much thought...

Works though

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It depends on the door swings. A lot of brands have doors you can't change. You don't want the doors opening towards each other. Otherwise, I don't think it matters.

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That is how mine is and it works just fine. I did have to have my hubby switch the swing of the dryer door to make it work though.

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Same here. D/W; right handed. It works fine and yes, I had to switch the dryer door swing (we have a top load washer).

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I remember my washer & dryer being in separate rooms! Not fun. So, just having them in the same room is big to me LOL

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Would not work with my front load washer and dryer. I have had them that way in a rental and hated it. (Many front load washers do not allow you to change the direction the door opens.)

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I have that same set-up and I don't like it. My dryer is fine but my front load washer door opens the same as the dryer.They both open on the right side so when I transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer I have to reach over the washer door to get the clothes in the dryer. Can't change this washer door either. Maybe if I took my machines off of the pedestals it would be easier access; I am fairly short so that might work?

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Sophie Wheeler

It will not work with front loaders, which is pretty much the direction all laundry is taking.

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Top loaders are still in existence and aren't going away. Tons of people prefer high efficiency top loaders to front loaders. I love my He Samsung top loader so much more than our previous front loader. The old fashioned top loaders are what are being phased out.

Having said all that, we moved in and our hookups were dryer left, washer right. I switched our dryer door around and it's been fine.

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