How long to stay off floors after polyeurothane?

southernmumJuly 22, 2013

(Sorry, not sure how to spell it!) My builder is putting on the last coat of poly. on our hardwoods tomorrow, and then we close on house on Wed. How long do floors have to dry/cure before we can safely move furniture on floors?

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What did the builder recommend?
It varies depending on what was used.

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He says it dries overnight, but that doesn't sound right to me. I don't want problems down the road, but we're currently living in hotel (and have been for 22 days!) so we're anxious to get in house. Still, I'd rather stay in hotel another few days and make sure floors cure properly than have problems in the future.

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Oops duplicate post. Wish GW would fix this.

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I waited a week before walking on my stairs. Even then, gentle use is my suggestion.

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We were not even allowed to enter our house for 4 days after they did the final coat of Glitsa on our floors.

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5-10 days, depending on products used and how many coats were applied. Sometimes several coats applied close together have a much harder time curing than if there was a longer time in between the coats.

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