I changed ink cartridges, now printer won't print

alisandeMay 25, 2008

This is not the first time I've changed the cartridges in this printer, but for some reason it won't print now.

It's an HP 7350 photo printer, and it's been problem-free for me until now. I turned it on this morning and replaced the cartridges, and then it printed out a calibration sheet. But I can't get it to print a photo. I've gone through the HP troubleshooting screens, but nothing works. It won't print from Notepad either.

Any ideas for me? Thanks!


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I used the search engine located on the Forum's home page citing printer won't print. Among the responses there was a HP related thread dated April 21 with a similar concern On that thread I posted a protocol I found in hopes of helping that member. Unfortunately the member didn't post as to whether it helped or not. Hopefully it will for you.


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I had a similar problem the other day. I had a document that
wouldn't print and was blocking other print jobs.
Go to the Control Panel - Open the Printer Icon -
Right click your Printer Icon and left click open.
See if you can delete or cancel all listed print selections.
I had one that wouldn't cancel until I restarted.
I have a different HP printer.

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Thanks, both of you. The print queue is empty. DA, I'll try your protocol tomorrow, as I have to be somewhere else this afternoon. Meanwhile, I'll ask my son if the problem could possibly be related to the new networking connection he set up recently.

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I'm not familiar with your model of printer but here's one thing to try. I had a similar problem with my HP D1320 model. It was problem free but after changing the color cartridge it took forever to print one page (like 30 minutes). I used their online support and if I remember correctly I was told to hold in the on/off button and, while doing so, open and close the lid 3 or 4 times. That was supposed to "reset" the system. Ultimately we found my problem was that I needed to change my black cartridge --even though it was still half full of ink.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes many of the new ones have "expiration" dates on the cartridges and force you to change them even if they still have ink in them and they are fine so that very well could be your problem, try changing the other cartridge also and see if it works.

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check the cartridges if you properly inserted it. it might not read the chip of the cartridge.

hp toner cartridge, HP 15A

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Solution: Remove the cartridge from your printer and place the nozzles on to a paper towel soaked in water or TIN nozzle cleaner.

Here is a link that might be useful: hp 57 cartridge

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