New Whirlpool Induction Range

numbersjunkieAugust 23, 2013

Love the double ovens! I may actually replace the old range at my lake house now....

Has anyone seen it in person? Anyone have it?

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I am looking at this also. Hope someone has some reviews for us!

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Me three!

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I just emailed my Whirlpool dealer to see if they have this range on display and she said no and that they probably will not because of the double oven issues on ranges. She said people who come in for ranges with double ovens end up buying single ovens. I emailed her back to find out what the issue with double ovens are, but have not heard back. I know they can be to low for some people. I will let you know if I hear back from her. Parts

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parts - I think they mean people don't buy them because they have concerns about the lower/larger oven being too low and close to the floor; not becasue there are qualifty issues.

Probably hard to lift a large turkey from there. But I am looking at this oven for a vacation home. We mostly use the oven to heat pizza or bake muffins. I would prefer not to have to heat a large oven. Plus I hate the bottom storage drawer on most ranges.

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numbersjunkie - I agree with you as far as what the issues are with the range's double ovens. I personally would use the upper oven more than the lower, since there is usually just the two of us. I also do not like the storage drawers or warming drawers on ranges. I'm guessing since it is so new, it will be awhile before we see reviews.

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Oh this looks nice. I love how big the second oven is (9.25 inches as opposed to my Electrolux's 4 inches). If I was in the market for a new range I would be serious considering this. And Home depot has it on it's website for less than 2K which seems a really good deal for double ovens. I'm just glad to see so many new induction ranges coming to market.

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This week-end I plan looking to see if I can find one. I'm not to optimistic at this point. I will look at the Whirlpool double oven ranges and the Whirlpool induction range and see if the combination of the two, is what this new Whirlpool induction range with double ovens looks like. I'm really excited about this range. Just a month ago there was just the Elux slide-in available with double ovens.

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This is a tough one for me - because of space limitations, I'm settling with a range, rather than built in. I really hate cooking at the stove in front of a heated, this is really appealing to me with having a smaller oven and larger for the rare big items.

I was looking at the Electrolux, but hate that the smaller oven is so low and small, to not really be useful. And the reviews show that there seem to be quite a few lemons out there. When people get a good one they love it, but there are an awful lot of folks who seem to have gotten lemons.

Then this came out, with the smaller oven (generating less heat), higher, more practical. Consumer reports generally grades the whirlpool ranges as reliable...but who knows on this one, since its so new?

I hate that there are no reviews, but its on sale with free delivery at Home Depot.

Do we pull the trigger and order?

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I hate to be a killjoy, because this looks like the first - and only - induction double oven range. But Whirlpool is related to Kitchenaid, isn't it? I wonder if they use the same induction technology as KA. If they do, beware the KA clicks (it clicks rhythmically at lower temps as the magnets cycle on and off). Maybe if you can test a Whirlpool induction cooktop, you can see if it clicks. I wonder if customer service would tell you over the phone if it clicks? When you call KA CS to complain about the clicking, they tell you this is normal operation. If it's normal for the Whirlpool, they should be able to tell you. In any case, if you think clicking would bother you, it could be worth a little research. Although at a lake house, the sound of the gently lapping waves may be enough to camouflage the clicks!

As I've said before, I don't mean to be a crank, I'm just trying to perform a public service by warning people about this clicking noise before they invest in a new appliance. Induction is wonderful, and you can get used to the clicking after a while.

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Thanks Ginny, the clicking noise is one of my main concerns, knowing that the Kitchenaid is part of Whirlpool. I'm trying to find a place that that will have working models. A call to customer service is in order. I'm certainly doing my homework on this range.

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Do you need a stove right now? If not, you may want to give it further thought.

For one thing, Whirlpools have an unusual burner arrangement. Two small diameter burners up front and two larger burners in the back, and the zones are front and back rather than right and left as on most induction ranges. (Zones have to do with the boost -- i.e., extra high heat function, as for boiling large pots of water. Maybe you won't need to have very high heat on two large pans at a time?

I suggest you download and read through the manual.

If you can wait a little bit longer, there may be more choices. I've seen some random hints that Samsung either has or is going to be releasing an induction slide-in with its "Flex Duo" oven. The flex-duo is a removable plate that allows you to divide the oven in half and run it as two separate oven compartments when you want and run it was one big oven when you want that. . Somebody on was told by Samsung that there are 53 of these stoves available somewhere in the US but I've only been able to find flex-duo ovens on Samsung radiant electric ranges, however, so the information may be premature.

There is a freestanding Samsung NE599NOPBSR with the flex duo oven feature but, AFAIK, it is only available in Canada right now.

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Ooh, ooh, JWVIdeo, I just posted a question about the FlexDuo radiant range. What's the buzz on how well the ovens work?

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Good luck finding this! I have been to Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and 2 local appliance stores, no one had heard of it, although they have it on their websites! I called Whirlpool hoping they could tell me a store that might have one on the floor, but they said it was against policy to give that info . Hard to believe a store would not want a potential customer. I don't really understand why Whirlpool would spend so much on advertising (O magazine, Real Simple, People, Better homes and Garden, etc) and not have it out in stores or at least educate their salespeople. I am not going to give up, I think this options works the best for me for the price. I appreciate all the advice but I realize in my price range I am not going to get everything. But keep the info coming!

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I responded to your other thread. Darn little info, so far. A review on is about it. Link is in the other thread.

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Thanks, JWVIdeo. It's an interesting concept.

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For what it's worth, I read a review on this range on Home Depot's website.

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I am dying for one of these but in white. Whirlpool indicated if the stainless sells well they may sell in other finishes.

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Re: Maytag - just found it on Sears site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maytag double oven induction

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Re: Maytag - just found it on Sears site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maytag double oven induction

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OK so we have had one of these ranges for 2 months now and I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences briefly.

First, the wife loves the induction top. It works flawlessly with all our previous cookware except 2 pans. For the questions everyone is bound to be asking:

Clicking: Yes. It does click on levels below 5. The lower the level the more noticeable the click. In my experience you can only hear it when at the stove - certainly not in another room.

Buzzing: Some pots buzz more than other which indicates it is a function of the cookware and not the top.

Fan noise: This is the only problem that I have with the range. The strange thing is that the fans don't really come on when using the top but rather when using the ovens! They come on almost immediately when using the top oven and stay on at least 15 minus after the oven is off - sometimes longer. I'm wondering if my particular unit is wonky or if this is a standard "feature" on these units. I would have expected the cooling fans to be on more frequently when using the top but then again what do I know. They are audible from my family room that is adjacent to the kitchen. The fan noise is more audible than my Bosch 800 series dishwasher.

The wife wouldn't even think about sending it back despite the mildly off-putting fan noise. By the way, I paid 1649 at sears in Canada and it was on sale for 1599 since then. For the price I think it's fair to say it can't be beat. Ovens work as expected and the small one on top heats up very fast and is just the right size for 90 percent of what we do in an oven.

Hope this helps anyone else looking at this unit.

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Merry whatever and thank you for your review. One of the things that I personally have found useful here is the way information accumulates over time.

BTW, have you tried an oven self-clean yet? I ask because I believe that this stove has both the much-maligned "Aqua-lift" along with a standard high-heat self-cleaning cycle.

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Thanks for the review!

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The fan noise that comes on when using the oven is a huge bummer, it is LOUD, and it also stays on for an extended period. I set the oven for 350 degrees, when it made temp I shut off the oven and it took one hour fifteen minutes for the fan to shut off. The manual says "The fan may also continue to run after the cooktop and/or oven has been switched off, if the temperature it detects is too high. In some cases, the fan may run for an extended period of time. This is considered normal." This bothered me so much that I wanted to take it back, but the store where I purchased it " All Inc" in Saint Paul Minnesota said there would be a forty percent restocking fee. I cannot afford that so I have to live with it. Whirlpool said that if they sent someone out and it was determined that it was "normal operation" I would be subject to the service call fees. A consumer buys something this expensive, and is not aware of this fan noise and you are stuck with it, I don't think that is right. I say why pay extra for a quiet dishwasher, when you have this sitting in your kitchen. So, fellow consumers beware!!! By the way, I do not have the stove top clicking...Lucky Me !!!

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Am very interested in this range and have read everything I could find. I've tried to find out how many power levels from 0-9. Are the increments 1 or .5 ? And what is the minimum pot sizes for the 6,7 & 11 inch locations ? The manual doesn't say and when I called Whirlpool they didn't know. Rather odd !!

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I have had this since October and I'm very happy. The oven fan does run a long time but I'm used to it, my kitchenaid convection oven did the same thing. I use a 12" frypan on the large burner with no problem. I think you can use pans that are an inch or two larger with no problem. The power levels go up, 1, 2,3, etc. there's is also a warm and a simmer setting which are great. So easy to clean the cooktop and your pans stay brand new!

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Thanks mimimcgran.

I'm in the early stages of planning a kitchen renovation and trying to decide what appliances to get. Induction is a definite but I don't know if I will purchase a range or if I will get a cooktop and a wall oven. The Whirlpool really caught my eye because of the 2.5 and 4.2 cu ft double oven. That seems perfect for me. I expect I would use the small oven 80% of the time but still have a larger oven when needed. I've looked for this arrangement in a double wall oven but haven't found one. Upper and lower ovens all seem to be of equal capacities.
Regarding the induction top - I was hoping the power levels were .5 increments ie 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 etc. Do you find the power levels sufficient? Or are there times you would like a power level in between because it's either a little too hot or not quite hot enough ?
I've read reviews and a common complaint is the fan running after the range is turned off. It's unclear to me if the fan is in the oven or in/under the induction top. I understand that some if not all induction cook tops have fans to keep the electronics from getting too hot. In fact the top will shut down if it overheats. Do you find the fan runs a lot even if the oven is not used or is it only when the oven has been used ? Upper or lower oven make any difference ? Would leaving the top oven door open reduce the time the fan runs ?
Any inputs will be appreciated. I'm glad I've begun my research early because there are a lot of choices to consider and so many products and options available. Thankfully, there is the internet and this forum.

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