Reasonably Priced Dishwasher Needed

blueiris24August 21, 2012

My 12 year old Kenmore dishwasher died. I am looking for a replacement - it does not need to be high-end, but it does need to be reliable. My main concern is that it has a stainless steel interior - other than that I'm pretty flexible. Has anyone purchased a Samsung? Would love to hear your experiences - hoping to spend under $800 although don't know whether that is reasonable or not. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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An $800 budget is penty reasonable.

Dishwashers are the kitchen appliance that is most difficult to manufacture reliably.

I would only consider a manufacture that has at least 10 years experience making dishwashers.Therefore I would exclude Samsung.

If you put a high value on quietness and energy efficiency I would go with Bosch.It is a European style dishwasher that does not have a food disposer.

If you want an American style dishwasher with a food disposer and a powerful heated dry element KitchenAid(made by Whirlpool) or another dishwasher made by Whirlpool such as Maytag,some Kenmore,and obviously Whirlpool brand is probably your best bet.

Are you looking for a fully integrated DW or full console DW?

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I don't have a preference in regard to controls, and if I could find a reliable one in more of the $500-$600 range that would be fantastic

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Labor Day sales will probably start next week. They may yield prices more in that range. I got a Bosch SHE55 in that price range during the last big holiday sale period.

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I am in the same market as you looking for something for my budget kitchen refresh. I am currently the dish washer and want to retire for a while. I previously had in another house a Maytag so I may do the same like this model

or Frigidaire

kitchen Aid

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I have the 800 series Samsung. It's quiet and the dishes are clean. I've had it since February and it usually runs every day. Paid under $700(on sale) and that included installation and removal of the old unit. It replaced a Kitchenaid Superba. The Superba was the most overpriced appliance I've purchased that didn't live up to expectations.

Right now it's running and you only hear it when the water runs through the drain of the sink. The fridge is louder than the dishwasher.

I would buy it again if I was replacing a dishwasher in another house.

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Do you have a preferance re American type vs European type.

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I know others that own a Bosch and like it for how well it cleans and it is very quiet. Theirs started to make some odd sounds and it seemed in our area there are not many that service Bosch. THis may not be so for your area though. I just am not sure about cleaning the filters So I think I want a traditional american style machine.

I had a Best buy sales lady pushing Samsung and It looked like a great machine but how long has Samsung made dishwashers? I don't know how well they do in most customer reviews. I have a Samsung clothes washer and that is very nice but those be get high customer ratings

I am more leanin to the Maytag or maybe the Fridgidaire Gallery since it is perfect match to my range and Frigidaire kitchen stuff has worked out well for me so far.

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We have a Fridgidaire Professional since March (bought on sale for around $500 after rebates, and did our own installation) and have been pleased with it. It replaced an 18 yr old Kenmore which washed great but sounded like a freight train moving through the house!

Good luck

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We have the Fridgidaire in the Sears link Mike posted. We got it at an appliance overstock place and paid around $450 for it.

We've used it for about 6 months. I'm pleased with the performance so far. The unit is quiet and dishes come out clean on the normal setting.

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Mary thanks for sharing your experience with the Frigidaire Gallery. I think I am now down to the Maytag with stainless tub and that Frigidaire one I do think the Kitchen aid would be great and I love my Kitchen aid french door fridge but compared to the Maytag I think I'm paying for the name. The fridge was a floor model close out deal otherwise I doubt I'd have ever got it at full price.

Now I have to decide if a stainless tub is worth the extra $

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Go to the Frigidaire website and see the demo of the new wash system in some of the new dishwashers. Supposed to be much better than before plus a new dry cycle also for better drying.

Any questions ask: He can answer anything you want to know.

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The only thing I am certain of in this search is that the stainless tub is worth it! ha! I don't care if the controls are on the top or inside. Samsung got high ratings on an online site but someone mentioned not smart to buy one since they haven't been making them long enough -- but it's not sounding like the companies that have been manufacturing them for a long time are doing such a bang-up job either. Should Samsung be considered or nixed from search?

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I'm not sure you Want to nix Samsung. You are correct and company can make either a good or crappy dishwasher. you say that you found great reviews on them. I have not seen any good or bad to form an opinion and I won't trust what one sale person says. I like my Samsung clothes washer and if I seen reviews in favor of the dishwasher I may change my mind and consider buy one. It is mostly a matter of preference and comfort

I was looking at kitchen aid but found many mixed reviews, features are the same or fewer than other whirlpool corp owned brands with higher prices so off the list for me I don't make enough salary to pay just for the name on the front.

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Can't say if it's relevant to dishwashers or clothes washers ... but friends of my sister borrowed my spare refrigerator (a 1996 KitchenAid) 7 weeks ago when theirs went down before a planned (July 4th) weekend party. Their unit is still not repaired (waiting on a part, supposedly now to be done on 8/29), and I found out last night it's a Samsung.

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I have been told by the appliance parts and repair shop that sometimes Samsung parts can take a while to get. But them I had to wait a week for a replacement window install kit for an LG air conditioner

So other than Heat retention for better drying what is the other benefits to a stainless steel tub? I looks nice that would be one more thing.

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Stainless steel does not retain heat. It promotes condensation drying because it gives up heat ... cools faster than the hot dishes after a heated final rinse so moisture condenses off the dishes onto the tank where it's supposed to run down to the bottom. The interior is left wet if rinse aid isn't used.

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And quieter.

We havent bought anything yet- hoping to hit sales this weekend- still not sure what we will get but plan on checking out your suggestions- thank you!

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Same here still don't know what I am Going to get I have time My new sink base and dishwasher end cap are not here and the order to make the counters has not come in. once the kitchen is ready to accept the machine i am going to buy one unless I find a super deal. I would like a stainless inside but its not needed according to consumer reports....they claim it does nothing for washing performance.

I am now looking at Bosch even though a few have told me they clean well but they hate the long cycles. the Frigidaire gallery orbit clean one seems to be getting nice reviews and maybe I might get a kitchen aid classic model just not sure.

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Looking at sales this weekend I might buy ready or not

I am looking at 2 now and can't decide

Frigidaire Gallery FGHD465NF on sale for $512.99

new model wit new orbit clean, has smudge resistant SS finish. plastic tub 53Db. sound rating, some good reviews and a few bad ones to. Frigidaire seems like a good brand for afordable dishwashers, I have a stove of the same line and love it

Kitchen Aid KUDC10FXss $584.99

older model seems it might be more proven, stainless steel tub, I have seen many good reviews and as with the other some bad also. has fewer cycles than the Frigidaire but enough for me I think. I have had KA fridge since Feb. and love it also..

so which one is the better choice? I'm not sure only had GE and Maytag dishwashers before. GE is so so. had Frigidaire FL clothes washer 6 years no problem till it self destructed in a spin due to broke suspension but have had several stoves in different places and a fridge that lasted long. not as much experience with KA yet myself

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Housefairy-- if you see this could you let me know where you purchased your samsung? We saw a few but they were all close to $1,ooo.
After shopping we feel we can get what we really need between $500-$600.
Mike it looks like we are close on what we are looking for. Thanks for posting the KA sale price- saw the KA kudc10fx on sale for $700 today but remembered your post and told them someone saw it on sale for $584-- they were sure i had lost my mind and was talking about a different model. Next store there it was $584. We went to a 3rd store after that and they had it for $600 something. Im a little hesitant because i hear such varying reviews on kitchenaids- this model doesnt have ability to move rack setting higher/lower which is not a huge deal- does it have an air dry option?
Noise said 52dba but unfortunately cant find my current dishwasher's noise rating so cant compare.
Also looking at Frigidaire Professional fpho2491kf (?) for $584. 51 dba. This one has adjustable rack. The exterior handle sticks out rather than contours and our sink is in corner by dw so worried well constantly be bruising our hips on that.
We saw a samsung dmt400rfs for $600 which also in running but have to look into it more.

Curious if there is a difference in reliability in regard to spinner being made of plastic or metal?

Thanks. Sorry for long post.

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Forgot to throw one more thing out there-- anyone have a ge dishwasher they are happy with?

And what does it mean to Have a heating element not covered?

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The prices I posted were from Lowe's but many stores price match I have not made it out to the stores yet. I been working on porch decking instead of shopping. I did see that Frigidaire Pro one very nice with the stainless tub but one thing I seen a lot on complaints on it were that the soap dispenser is low and if you put tall item in the corner of the lower rack near it the cup may not open fully. not sure if I wanted to chance that but it was a very nice machine with every option I could want. the other thing is I am going to have to use the counter as a work space so I don't want a handle that sticks out far though it may be nice to hang a towel on

I am guessing the element not covered means it is exposed in the bottom like they have always been not hidden like Bosch does. I have a GE dishwasher in my rental units kitchen. it is not real high end at all but it seems to clean ok when I lived there for a basic machine. I did get a notice that there may be a recall on it for heating element problems but I have not confirmed it is on the list of models yet since I have to set a time to go in to check. It was given to me by a friend that was upgrading there place when I was redoing that kitchen or I would not have chose it having not had good luck with GE laundry.

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"Dishwasher fires - affecting 24 million+ KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Sears Kenmore, and Maytag dishwashers (all manufactured by Whirlpool). Product design/defect causes predictable opportunity for control circuit board failure leading to fire."

Saving money is not always prodctive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oops

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Blueiris I purchased the Samsung 800 from Best Buy. Their cart price for SS is $665 and looks like they will give you an additional 5% if you use their credit card. This looks like a Labor day deal.

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Wow Brickeyee that is sort of scarey! That could shorten the list for many people. hard to believe they have not changed the design.

I looked at samsung dishwashers and they look nice but I have somethings that I'm not sure about the racks has no tines that fold down on the one model the other had a set only on the top. I did like the way the top one's height can be changed seems sturdier than others button and catches

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I ended up ordering the Frigidaire gallery that I had posted at sears this weekend. Ih ave not started my project yet but now everything is ordered and was to come this week but I think sandy will hold that up a few days.

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