toilet paper holder height and location

nancitaSeptember 12, 2007


Where do you mount the tp holder?


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21" from the floor to the center of the t.p. holder. I was in a BR recently that had one 6" from the floor. Honest.

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Locate your toilet against one wall. Sit on the toilet. From your knee next to the wall, measure up 9-12 inches.

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I'm bumpng this up because I'm not convinced that either answer will work in our case and I'd like to see what others have done.

Our powder room has a very narrow area for the toilet. Basically the toilet sits in a three-sided area that's just under 36" wide. I'm concerned that if the TP holder is 21" high, people will hit it with their knees. OTOH, if I place it 9" to 14" above the seated knee, then people will hit the TP holder with their elbows on their way up or down. (Our 14 year old son confirmed this on a mock up.)

Can anyone please post how far off the floor they installed their TP holder AND how far in front of the toilet it is? I've searched the internet and can't find anything helpful.


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I forgot the other thing: the TP holder I want sticks out about 4" from the wall, plus the TP itself.

How far does your TP holder project from the wall?

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I don't think there's a "right" answer for this... I just sat on the toilet, closed my eyes and reached for the TP. We put a little sticky note there, then had DH do the same. The midpoint between where he and I reached (about 3" apart) was where we hung it.

If you can, try to build wooden blocking into the wall to support the TP roll holder. An elderly client of DH's fell and broke her hip once because she used the TP holder as a hand grip and pulled it out of the wall.

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Thanks for your response sweeby. I'll have to try the post-it trick. (I've already tried a shoebox mock up.) Too late for the wooden blocking but it's a great idea. I'm kind of worried that when they install the TP holder, there won't be a stud where I need it.

Because the area is so narrow, I'm concerned that we will hit it with various body parts, and I'd like to avoid that if possible. So I need to figure out the best height, and how far in front of the toilet it should go. And I also need to figure out if this particular holder projects too far.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could take and post their measurements. Thanks again.

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meg, ours is 30" (to the center of the holder's wall plate and on the wall in front of the toilet....28" from the wall to the front edge of the toilet seat. I would have never thought of putting it there. DH is the one who suggested it. It's perfect. It's drilled into stone so I know it's not going anywhere. Would you like for me to take a picture?

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Yes, I would love a photo as I'm having a hard time visualizing. Are you saying it's mounted on the wall that's parallel to the toilet tank wall?

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Disregard the ORB t-paper holder. I'm changing that to brushed nickel.

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Nice toilet, Monica. How many channels does it get? :)

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Many times, it's a matter of wherever it'll fit. But if you have a choice, , and the toilet's not in yet so you can get an idea by sitting on it, the way I locate it is 24- 30" off the floor, and three feet from the wall in back of the toilet.

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I just measured.

The centre of our recessed holder is 26" from the back of the wall where the toilet is, and 26" from the floor. It could be a little bit more forward, but I do find that I sometimes use the toilet roll for support to reach back (esp in morning when I'm stiff), so wouldn't want it much further forward. (Another reason to make note to self to ensure that there is wooden blocking for the new BR as suggested above)

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Thanks so much everyone for your responses, especially for taking measurements and posting photos. I have to figure out the logistics for four holders so I really appreciate it.

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monica, who is that sitting in the corner watching over everyone on the toilet?

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Ah gee kgwlisa, you just ruined it for me (lol)
That's my daughter. The picture used to sit on the counter. I'm a stickler for clutter free counters and decided to use the chair rail ledge.
codnugget, if you count all the combinations, I'm sure it gets over 50 (g)

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Here are measurements for 2 of ours: 24" from the floor and 29" from the floor. Both are fine and don't bump the knees. One is 21" from the back of the toilet and the other is 36" from the back. The one closer to the back is more awkward, because you have to reach to your side (instead of in front). I agree with sweeby and the post-it suggestion. Keep the TP out in front of you.

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Well don't make the mistake I did: After careful calculations based on my knee height while seated on the old toilet, I bought a toilet 2" taller and picked a tp holder (Kohler Bancroft) that drops down 3" from the mounting holes. So instead of the roll being about 6" above my knee, the knee rests against it. If I raise the holder up, I'll miss the flat 2 x 4 block I put in the wall to secure it to. So I turned the Bancroft up - it looks a little weird, but only to me, so far. Gary

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I can't believe how popular this question is! I googled it and found a website I wish I'd found a year ago when we were still in the planning stage.

Bath design rules from NKBA advise that the TP holder should be located 8" to 12" in front of the edge of the toilet bowl, centered at 26" above the floor.

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