Which Email service to use with Vista?

sfhillMay 9, 2014

Hi, My computer has Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit version and the Email [Windows Mail] will not connect to the internet. I would like to download a web based Email service and not use Windows mail anymore. Is there any services that I could use that my new Email address would end with [@comcast.net]. so I could continue using my old address. Or is there any hopes in getting the current program repaired? Thanks

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I thought Xfinity offered an email program but I'm not a Comcast subscriber so I could be wrong. However, I did find the following info that may be of some help to you.



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If you want to do email thru a web page...then that's what it is...a web page. It isn't something that you download and install.

Of course there is hope of getting Windows Live Mail repaired...but you provided no information. What went wrong? Were there any error messages? It worked before and then it stopped working? Is WLM important to you or would another email client be just as good?

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Sorry, I guess I explained it all wrong. As Anne said, Xfinity does have an online email program which my wife has trouble getting opened up to check and after using and enjoying Windows mail programs since 1998, does not like it. What we are looking for is a mail program that looks and acts like Windows mail and maybe will connect to the internet better. We have 2 computers and over the past 6 years had such mail problems with both. I don't know what causes it. I would like to download another program like Windows Mail, you know, 2 clicks and you are in, that might be better. Maybe Windows has such a program. Thank you all for trying to help.

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I use Windows Mail with my Vista Home Premium 64 bit, and have never (knock on wood) had a problem with the internet connection and mail. It's always worked great for me.

What exactly is the problem? Did it just start not connecting for no reason? I probably shouldn't be asking since I'm not a computer expert, but I am curious as to why it won't connect for you.

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Windows does have a mail program like that. It's called Outlook. Not Outlook Express. Just Outlook. But, currently, you must have a version of Windows Office on your system to access/use this program. If you do have Win.Office...then click on the program under All Programs and look for the Outlook listing. It's a good email program. It's my email program of choice. If you don't have Win. Office...you can always add it to your system if you want to buy it.

As an aside, I understand your wife's dislike of your ISP email program. I'm not overly fond of mine either but use it as a less personal mail box.



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Both gmail and live/hotmail/outlook.com allow nearly unlimited aliases and the ability to send directly from any of those aliases without getting the "on behalf of" tagline added.

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I've been using Windows Mail with my Vista home premium since Vista came out with no problems. It sounds like it may be more of a server problem with your internet provider than a problem with Windows Mail?

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One downloadable program you can try is Thunderbird. And to set it up with a comcast email account, you can check this page.(It says it's for TB 16 and up, so it should have all the info you need to do that for the version of TB you'd be installing (24.5.0).)

A few others:

eM Client looks & feels like Outlook 2003 (not Outlook Express) as I recall and is more of a suite (including calendar). The free version only allows 2 accounts to be installed, but that's probably all you would need, based on your original post.

MailBird is popular, too. It looks and works just a bit differently than Windows Live Mail but may be worth a look.

FWIW, here is a link to Windows Essentials' help forum for Windows Live Mail, in case you want to search those threads for comcast questions/issues or ask a question yourself. :-)

Just for the record, after reading this thread at an email help site, esp. the reference to trojans and other malware, I would avoid Incredimail like the plague.

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As far as an on board client, I used TB on my Vista system for as long as I can think back without any concerns, I even continue to use it on this V8.1.1 system.

You might not be aware, but TB has add-ons which will allow you to modify the client to a more personal basis.


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Thanks to all that helped with my problem. After reading up on all the mentioned Email's, I chose Thunderbird as it was all I needed, Easy setup was mentioned and easy it was. Easier than falling off a log. It works very good. The next morning after installing it, I clicked on the Windows mail icon just by habit and Thunderbird came up. Just what I wanted. Thanks again. sfhill

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Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.


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Now that you're using TB, and just for future reference, you might want to bookmark this page, the TB help forum. You can search the forum for threads that may pertain to an issue you're having or ask questions yourself. Like here, lots of nice and knowledgeable people there to help.You can also search the TB "knowledge base" (link on the right-hand side of the forum page) for help with issues before posting questions there.

FWIW, I'm not saying you shouldn't post questions here. But the TB forum is, practically speaking, the place to start. :-)

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