hard wood in bathrooms?

Tracik3July 2, 2012

I have another question. Can you get hardwood in bathrooms and kitchen? Anyone ever seen this?

Around here hardwood and tile are about the same in cost. I like the look of hardwood but not sure how it would hold up in a bathroom. I want carpet in most of the house because I am too lazy to sweep and mop all those floors! lol

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You can definitely put hardwood in bathrooms and kitchens. It's more common around here for it to be tile. I prefer the look of one floor type rather than switching from wood to tile to carpet. It makes a house flow better, in my opinion, to have as few of floor types as possible. It's not as bad when they are clearly separate rooms with doors such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I wouldn't want wood in a bathroom. Tile is definitely more durable and easier to keep clean. If you put radiant heat under it, it will be warm too.

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Hardwood on kitchen yes.....just watch for water!
Bathrooms...probably not a good idea unless it is just a powder room. What we are doing for bathrooms is using a porcelain tile that mimics wood so that the floors stay kind of uniform. I also don't like tile to wood to carpet....but that is solely my preference.

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Thanks so much. Dh said no to the hardwood also. But, I just wanted some other opinions. lol We have tile now and I really like it. But, we will be having a bonus room and I don't want carpet on the stairs. I was thinking hardwood. But, then didn't want that to be the only place that had hardwood. How do y'all think that would look?

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If you do a lot of cooking you will come to hate the hardness of a tile floor in the kitchen.

You will likely end up with soft mats to try and cushion the floor.
A full batch works best with tile, ad since it is rare to spend extended time standing there the hardness is not as detrimental.

A half bath can easily use a wooden floor.
Without a shower or bathtub there s not nearly as much chance of water all over the floor.

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A lot of people do hardwoods everywhere these days. But, on national average, 60% of the population moves every 5-7 years and never stays in the home long enough to judge how it wears long term.

If you do choose to do hardwood in wet areas, then get water alarms and be extra vigilant about things like dog bowls and hamper locations. Those are prime areas for damage to occur because they don't generally move to let the wood under them dry out.

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Jack Kennedy

My last house was hardwood everywhere, including the bathrooms. My floors were finished on site so there were no seams between the boards. I did not have a single issue with water on them. I used a really plush tub mat. I will say I don't have kids or animals.

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We will have hardwood in the guest bath. I talked to several people before moving ahead with the wood floor. We are emptynesters, so no kids running around on a daily basis.

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You can use hardwood in your bathroom and kitchen but I think Tile is definitely easier to keep clean and good if you are looking for durability.

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Thanks everyone!!

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Kitchen: yes
Mud room: no
Full bath: no
Half bath: maybe

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My thoughts are same as sarah_ch's!

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I wouldn't use hardwood in bathrooms. I already found them slippery enough in the rest of the house, let alone consider durability. :D

But I did see this HGTV episode where they said if you use hardwood in bath, use ipe wood.

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