how to make image smaller so I can send pic

kaybee01May 25, 2010

I need to make my pics smaller so I can attach them to message on the home decorating forum. Can anyone help?


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you need to use some type of photo hosting site to post things on the forums here and photobucket is one that many like, when you use photobucket it has an option right when you upload the picture of what size you want it to be (a drop down for more upload tools), choose one of the smaller sizes, then use the html forum code that it gives you to be able to post the picture to the forum. Or just upload your pic normally then choose the image code for forums that is for thumbnail size. That will place the small thumbnail size pic on the forum which can be clicked on to view the large size picture. (you do have to add the html tags)

other ways to make pics smaller is to use a resizer site online or to use a photo editing program, there is also a great power toy by microsoft you can add to xp which will allow you to change the size on the pc, it gives a new option when you right click on a picture you have on your pc which asks which size you want then it creates a new pic in the new size.
Are you using Xp? IF so here is the link, scroll down to the image resizer and install it on your pc
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

an online resizer
Shrink Pictures

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I use Irfanview. This question was coming up often in the test forum and I started using the following to show how I do it:
Resizing pictures for posting
There are two 'sizes' involved, the dimensions and the file size.
If the dimensions are too large the viewer has to scroll to see the entire picture and it also means scrolling to read other posts in the thread. I don't think any picture needs to be more than 800 pixels wide and probably no one will have to scroll to see the entire picture.
If the file size is larger than 100 KB it will be very slow for viewers using a dial up network (DUN) and almost half of internet users are on a DUN.
One way to have a picture big enough for easy viewing with a file size under 100 KB is to use the free program Irfanview. It can be downloaded from the author's home page at Download the plugins also and you will have a very useful photo editing program. There are many tutorials for using the program. Just do a search for "Irfanview tutorials' and you will find many.
To resize a picture for posting you need to do so before uploading it to photobucket or your other online host. Here's how I go about resizing a picture after installing Irfanview:
Right click on the picture, pick 'Open with' on the drop down menu and select Irfanview. When the picture opens in Irfanview click on 'Image' > 'Resize/Resample' and the following screen opens:

I've typed 800 in the width box and the height is filled in automatically. Make sure 'pixels' is chosen and that 'Preserve aspect ratio' is checked and type 72 in the 'DPI' box. Click 'OK' and you will see the resized picture.
Now click 'File' > 'Save As' and you get a screen like this:

Notice that I've made a folder called 'Resized Pictures' and I'm saving it there. If you save it in the same folder it was in originally make sure you give a different name so your original picture is not changed. I've given the picture a name and am saving it as a .jpg file. This brings up the 'JPEG/GIF save options' that you see on the right of the image. Set the 'Save quality' slider at around 30 and click 'Save'. Now go to the saved picture and check it to make sure it is what you want. It should be, but if not experiment a little with the 'Save quality' slider.
This may sound like a lengthy process when you read this but after you do it a time or two it only takes a few seconds.

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Thanks Bob, My only problem with using pixels is I don't know the pixel size I want versus inches and I get technologically discouraged easily at this point in my life. I give up to soon. Your post was very helpful.

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Basically there are 72 pixels to the inch. If you look at the first image Bob provided you will see there are preset choices, either 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 are good for emailing.

Notice too near the bottom left there is a check mark beside 'Preserve aspect ratio' so this will prevent you from having tall skinny people or short fat ones by getting the settings wrong.

Grab Irfanview and play just a little to get the feel of the program. I do suggest you always make a copy of the original rather than re-size the original. I generally add a letter if the title is numeric or a number if it is alphabetical.

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If you decide to give Irfanview a try, click twice on the Half radio button and then save as a renamed file or to a different HD location ( I created a Stand By folder for activities such as this). It is my experience that in doing this it generally reduces the size of the target picture to between 65 and 100kb. Perfect for posting and e-mailing.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

really there is no need to go through any photo editing if all you need to do is get a smaller size, you will have to upload the picture to a site like photobucket to be able to use it here, it takes one simple click to select a smaller size directly at the time of upload right on the photobucket site, and you are done (there are 2 ways). Then grab your html forum code and paste it to your reply box.

When you go to your photobucket account, you will see the big upload button, on top of that is the more upload tools option click on there and you can select where to upload from like your pc or a website and also you can select a size, basically small med and large very simple. Select it there then hit upload. Another easier way to do the same thing is right on the upload area you will see it says Tip: hold down CTRL to select multiple files and then in () it says more options if you click on that more options you can select your desired size right there, select size, then upload file, remember to then hit the save button so it saves it to your photobucket album. Then just copy your forum html link it provides you into your thread post here and you are done, and you keep your original as it was on the pc and have the smaller version on photobucket.

If you prefer to simply use a thumbnail view you can set your link options in photobucket to give you the html code for both the regular size and the thumbnail size, after you upload a picture and save it to your album you will see the image and the available codes for it, below that you will see link options click on that and you can select there all of the various types of links that you want to be provided, for these forums you must use the html code so select both of the html options and you will then be able to select the thumbnail view html code to post to your GW thread and using it you do not have to worry about resizing at all, they simply click on the thumbnail to view the fulls size picture.

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800x600 are what I use for desktop wallpaper. I would have thought that would be way to large for emails. I just found out with my email I can insert photo and just click on it and pull in the corner to the size I want.

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800 x 600 is not really too big as most people have at least a 17 inch LCD monitor these days so they should not need to scroll sideways to view.

Yes you can drag the corners in once you have inserted the photo but that does not reduce the file size, it only reduces the image a person sees.

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owbist, I didn't know that. How would it effect the speed of their email opening. My sis had dial up.

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Val if your sister is on dial up you do need to reduce the file size for her rather than simply dragging in the corners. So use Bob's post above and create 640 x 480 pics, that is the size we had when 15 inch monitors were King.

Much depends on her download speed, you could try sending a test pic noting the file size and ask her to check how long the download takes. Then you would have a reference point from which to better make decisions.

Another thought, if you had a number of photos you wish to send you could easily burn them to a CD without reducing the size and pop them in the mail for her. Assuming sis has XP or better as an operating system she would have the Windows Fax and Picture Viewer which would size the pics to the size of her screen for best enjoyment.

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We have to remember not all users have high-speed access that's why when a specific question is asked here it should be answered specifically, not diverted to generality or to the alternate. With my antique DUN it takes me 3 1/2 minutes to download a MB, and a little bit longer to upload. So I am quite aware of the need to reduce size.


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Email a pic to yourself to check it out.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

correct, the original question asked here was not pertaining to email they were asking specifically for how to reduce size for Posting to a Forum here.
"I need to make my pics smaller so I can attach them to message on the home decorating forum"

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

You can always use photobucket and not concern yourself in any with pixels and picture size by posting a clickable thumbnail picture like below.

I think it is the best way, since there are still numerous folks either on dial-up or else some sort of high speed that just isn't all that fast.

click pic to see it bigger (if you like)


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