Comcast anti Virus Vs MSE

big_al_41May 11, 2013

A friend of mine asked a me a question and I was not sure how to answer him ... he wanted to know if he gets Comcast for his Internet provider can he also have MSE on his computer. I understand Comcast supplies their cust with Norton I believe. Will they bump heads ???

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You should have ONE and ONLY ONE antivirus running on a computer. If he's going to have Norton thru Comcast he SHOULD NOT have MSE too.

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Does the server offer it as an option or is it forced on the user? I would prefer to use MSE.

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While MSE is widely used (because it's free), it's not highly regarded in the industry. Click on the link to see an article detailing an independent test that was done on leading AV programs earlier this year. MSE failed the test for the second time in a row.

Norton, on the other hand, usually ranks quite high in competitive testing. I use it and like it a lot, it's been 100% effective for me and it's unobtrusive. In addition, it carries out other helpful utility tasks successfully and quietly.

If you go the Norton route through Comcast, it's recommended that you download just the Norton Suite and avoid Comcast's Constant Guard component (which has been reported to cause some problems). Click around, you'll find the standalone Norton piece.

None of the competing AV products is perfect, and none is consistently better than the others. Everyone (me included) tends to prefer what they've used successfully. It seems to be a two tiered market, those that seem to perform consistently better than others in the top tier, those whose performance seems sub-par in the bottom tier. MSE is probably not in the top tier.

Here is a link that might be useful: AV testing

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Consumer Reports recently released its annual findings as to AVs. Interesting reading available to assist a user in making an informed decision.


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Any anti virus test comparison would likely be obsolete within a week because virus activity is a moving target.

From Snidely's link: Microsoft canâÂÂt be too happy with its security software right now: For the second time in a row, the companyâÂÂs Security Essentials failed to earn certification from AV-Test, the independent German testing lab best known for evaluating the effectiveness of antivirus software.

Then the very next paragraph: These results are noteworthy because Microsoft Security Essentials is currently (as of December) the most popular security suite in North America and the world.

If MSE was as doubtful as the article suggests surely a large portion of those subscribers would move to something deemed safer.

The second from last paragraph suggests biased reporting as it notes MSE was only one of three that failed yet they did not bother naming the other two companies. Plus if you click the second link in that paragraph you will note the tests appear to be from November/December 2012. That is months ago and a huge swath of viruses (or virii) have been released since then

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There was a link to the test results at the bottom of that first article I cited, I've copied it here, below. All the results, including identification of the other two failing products, are clearly shown.

DA is right about the article in the most recent Consumer Reports issue. In it, MSE had the lowest overall score (tied with one other) of all tested products. I'm not persuaded to consider it just because many people use it. I think that's the result of many other factors irrelevant to the choice .

I'm not on an anti-MS campaign, I do prefer Win PCs and like most of the company's products. I think there are several good AV choices, I don't think MSE is one of them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Test results

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But my point is that the test linked to is months old, new viruses appear with amazing speed so that test could be redundant within hours of it being posted or published.

Ever since the second anti virus program came online there have been discussion of which is best. Too many tests of everything in life are tainted either by the testing facility or those footing the bill and have a vested interest.

I still believe what I read in a security article a few years ago. All anti virus vendors share information, the sheer volume of the stuff makes this necessary. Perhaps they do not share actual code but possibly giving other vendors a heads up on what they discover.

Think back over the years, every computer forum has those whom pop up saying they are unhappy with a particular program. They rarely if ever give a specific reason other than the feeling the current program is not living up to expectations but they really do not know why. And certainly most of us do not have the capability to closely analyse the programs ourselves.

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Slow down there, owbist, there are something like a dozen or more periodic test result chart links on that page, stretching over a number of years. From glancing through it, it appears MSE is last or near last in the protection category on most of them.

AV programs don't conduct trivial searches, they have a WHOLE lot of proprietary technology and much, much more than just definitions. Some do better on some tests, some on others, but tests typically show dissimilar performances and a wide range of test scores (no matter who is doing the testing).

To get back to the original topic, I commented as I did because the OP's question strikes right at the heart of your comment. People like what they like, all will agree, but since not all AV programs are created equal, the Comcast subscription gives this person the opportunity to use an AV program that seems to be pretty consistently viewed as more effective than MSE.

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I have Comcast and I use AVAST. Norton is NOT forced on users of Comcast/Xifinity cable internet.

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I continue to run MSE on 2 desktops for about 2 years now because so far it has given me no reason to change. I run weekly scans with MSE-Malwarebytes-Superantispyware. In addition, I run the ESET online scanner every month or so. It has yet to find something that MSE did not. I do try to practice safe computing and do not go looking for trouble. That is really more important than debating about anitvirus products, IMHO.

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Debating the merits of AVs is educational as long as it is done in a proper manner.

You shared, " I do try to practice safe computing and do not go looking for trouble." That position is a nugget of knowledge we all should follow.

The best protection against viruses and such is an informed and disciplined user. Feel free to stand on the roof top and shout your position. There are still members who need to be reached.


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Continuing the debate, I will offer my impressions of paid antivirus products I've had experience with:

Best of the best: ESET, Kaspersky (if MSE fails me...would pick one)

Better than average: Avira, F-Prot

Wasn't impressed: Trend Micro, AVG

Worst of the worst: McAfee

Value for price: only you can decide

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... the few times I've had virus.. I was testing a program usually because somebody asked me about it ... and I knew.. this is not safe about the same time I click the install. And then I tell myself i'm a dumb a. ...why the heck did I do that .... .usually.

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